The Keepers of Air

Tower of Air

The Tower of Air "stands" above the peak of the tallest mountain in the eastern range. It shares the same exterior physical dimensions of the other towers (60' tall, 50' wide at the base and 30' at the top) but as it is made from air, it is nearly invisible. When standing close to the tower, it appears to be nothing more than a shimmering haze in the shape of a tower. The double doors appear as clouds, and the key is a diamond set with a turquoise.

Keeper of Air Powers

So long as he has the key, the Keeper of Air has many special powers, the most visible being his ability to fly at will and become as invisible as the air itself. He can turn a hurricane into a gentle breeze, summon a tornado from still air, or anything in between. Winds to not affect this Keeper, nor do poison gasses or fumes or anything that can be breathed. This control over the air does give the Keeper limited control over the weather, but not complete. He can use the wind to move clouds into or away from an area, but as clouds are made from water, he cannot create them, nor can he control lighting. His control of the air can also be more subtle than creating gusts of wind. For example, more air can be added to a small space, increasing the air pressure, or removed altogether, creating a vacuum. It is also possible to remove the oxygen from a given area, snuffing out flames and causing living things to suffocate. As with the other Keepers, air elementals and air spirits may be conjured or banished at will, and will always obey his commands. Avian creatures will recognize the Keeper of air and never harm him. The Keeper may transform into vapor and back to his normal form at will.

Earth is the bane of the Keeper of Air. The touch of the earth, itself, will not harm the Keeper of Air, but any attacks which are based on earth or contain earthly elements (stone, metal, etc.) will do increased damage if his defenses are penetrated. Going underground is a bad idea for this Keeper, as his powers will fade if he is confined within the earth. Being completely buried will render him powerless. Earth elementals and other earth-spirits will recognize this Keeper for what he is and most likely attack on sight.

The Keepers

1st Irus of Masaca 21 September 2000 - 4 April 2001
Imitation Tim, 10/12/00
BMWergs on 12/20/00
2nd Tim Enralyte (ImitationTim) 15 April 2001 - 13 January 2002
Tim won the key in the Keeper Tournament.
22 April 2001
26 August 2001
3rd Tim Enralyte (ImitationTim) 23 April 2002 - 19 January 2003
Tim won the key in the Keeper Tournament.
28 April 2002
12 August 2002
4th Xerzes Maureen (Xerzes M) 16 March 2003 - 22 September 2003
Xerzes won the key in the Keeper Tournament.
Was challenged by Mur Ollavan, but the challenge was rescinded.
He retired as Keeper of Air to press his challenge to the Archmage TimEnralyte.
5th Pslyder (Pslyder FTA) 26 October 2003 - 9 June 2004
Psly won the key in the Keeper Tournament
Tim Enralyte, 17 February 2004
6th Brigath Cedran (BrigathC) 9 June 2004 - current
Brigath won the key from Pslyder
Vanion Shadowcast, 11 May 2005
Random McChanse, 21 July 2005