Celestial Keeper

Citadel of the Stars

The Citadel of the Stars is the lair of the ArchMage, who also bears the title of Celestial Keeper. This Citadel combines the best and most beautiful of earth, air, fire and water to create a dwelling worthy of the gods. The foundation is a large fragment of solid bedrock which floats in the sky directly above the central node of Twilight Island, forming the apex of a perfect pyramid with the other Keeper dwellings. The lush vegetation on the floating isle is fed by abundant water which flows all about the floating isle; water which vanishes into thin air as it falls over the sides. The Citadel, itself, resembles an ancient temple, the dome, columns, and steps made of white marble. Burning within the temple, at the center of a Circle of Genesis, is a brilliant white flame of pure magic. So great is its power, that only the ArchMage can approach and draw power from it without being annihilated.

Celestial Keeper Powers

While many magi are capable of flight and teleportation, none of these powers will permit anyone to approach the Citadel of the Stars. Only the ArchMage, bearer of the Celestial Key, may do so in safety. All others suffer an assault of raw magical force that resembles a sandstorm of tiny stars. The Celestial Key is made of pure platinum, and set with a large black star sapphire. The ArchMage may approach the Citadel any way he chooses, but for those with a sense of drama, a swarm of stars will descend from the Citadel to fly the Keeper home.

The title Keeper of the Stars is somewhat misleading, as the Keeper has no power over the stars themselves, nor does he draw power from them. His power is that of the Fifth Element, Quintessence, or magic itself. Stars are merely a symbolic representation of that element. As the other Keepers can tap directly into their respective elements to fuel their powers, the ArchMage is able to tap directly into the source of all magic itself. Those who can sense auras will see the aura of the ArchMage to be flooded with galaxy of stars, symbolizing his power. As the strongest of the elements, the powers of the other Keepers, elementals, and related spirits have no effect on the Keeper of Quintessence. This Keeper also has no specific weaknesses as do the others.

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