The Keepers of Earth

Tower of Earth

The Tower of Earth isn't very visible as a tower, as it is embedded into the great cliff-face of the western mountains. There is no visible doorway to this tower, only a keyhole in the cliff 100' from the ground. As the Keeper approaches the doors, a stone stairwell will emerge from the cliff leading to the entrance. The Key of Earth is made of solid obsidian, set with an emerald.

Keeper of Earth Powers

So long as the Keeper carries the Key of Earth, he has access to the powers conferred by the Tower. All things that are "of the earth," sand, dirt, soil, stone and even metal, are his to command. The sole exception is brass, which "belongs" to the element of Fire. Passing through these substances is as easy as a fish swimming through water, and he does not need breath if immersed within. None of these materials may harm, or even touch, the Keeper of Earth unless he should permit it. The earth, itself, will answer to the Keeper's will, moving and flowing as he sees fit, even vanishing or appear from thin air as he sees fit. The Keeper may also transform the various sub-elements of earth to others within its class (i.e., sand can become soil, rock can become gems, steel can become lead, and so on). Earth elementals may be summoned and banished at will, and any such spirit encountered will obey the Keeper's commands. All creatures native to the earth will recognize the Keeper for who he is, and never attack him. Only free spirits or those of unique power can retain their own will. The Keeper may also transform himself into a being of any of the "earthly" elements and back to his normal form at will.

The Keeper of Earth, however, is very vulnerable to the most plentiful element of all: Air. Air itself is not harmful (as he does need to breathe) but toxic gasses and other air-based attacks will have increased effect upon the Keeper should his basic defenses be breached. Air elementals and all such creatures will know the Keeper for what he is and are likely to attack him on sight. The Keeper of Earth's powers will ebb should he ever lose contact with the earth (such as being levitated against his will) and will fail altogether should he be taken too far away from the earth which grants him his powers.

The Keepers

1st Xerzes Maureen (XerzesM) 21 September 2000 - 21 November 2000
Xerzes was deemed inactive and stripped of the title.
2nd Ceoz Knight (Elvessoldr) 27 November 2000 - 31 March 2002
Ceoz won the Key in the Keeper Tournament.
Xavier Blight was unable to press challenge, 26 April 2001
Taree, 11 July 2001
3rd Russ Strong (SinfulDawg) 23 April 2002 - 4 August 2002
4th Cassius Maxim 4 August 2002 - 16 March 2003
Illusia Marcine, 23 January 2003
5th Tim Enralyte (ImitationTim) 28 March 2003 - 8 June 2003
Tim won the key in the Keeper Tournament
He abdicated to press challenge to the Archmage.
6th Xerzes Maureen (XerzesM) 2 Novemeber 2003 - 16 November 2003
Xerzes won the key in the Keeper Tournament.
Xerzes abdicated in order to press challenge to the Archmage.
7th Xerzes Maureen (XerzesM) 8 February 2004 - 5 April 2004
Max Blue, 17 February 2004
8th Max Blue (Vx Max Blue xV) 5 April 2004 - 22 April 2004
Max won the key from Xerzes.
Max abdicated two weeks after winning the key.
9th Harris D'Artainian (HarrisTheHeckler) 26 April 2004 - 16 November 2004
Harris won the key in the Keeper Tournament. He had a choice between Fire and Earth.
Vincent Smith (LunarMask), 27 May 2004
10th Max Blue (MaxOfTheBlack) 16 November 2004 - 28 February 2005
Max gained the key without a fight when Harris failed to respond to his challenge.
11th Joshua Skinner(Gork292) 28 February 2005 - 25 July 2005
Josh won the key from Max.
12th Artemus Kurgen(Lutzartemus) 25 July 2005 - Current
Artemus won the key from Josh.
Artemus was challenged by Max Blue, but the challenge was recinded.