2nd Ring

Siera Redwin
* 2/7/95 - 4/24/95 *

Kalamere Ar'Din
* 4/24/95 - 10/10/95 *

Wicked Deth
* 10/10/95 - 12/27/95 *

Martigan Crow
* 12/27/95 - 1/9/96 *

Lord Harvest
* 1/16/96 - 7/17/96 *

Tarl Cabot
* 7/17/96 - 12/1/96 *

Cullen Kildarby
* 12/1/96 - 12/27/96 *

Daegarth Mithmellon
* 12/27/96 - 1/19/97 *

AJ Bird
* 1/19/97 - 2/22/99 *

* 2/23/99 - 8/23/99 *

Gaius Marius Colestae'
* 9/14/99 - 11/28/99 *

Cletus Ganderfald
* 11/28/99 - 7/16/00 *

Ariadne Angeles
* 7/16/00 - 9/1/00 *

Magnus Eques
* 9/1/00 - 3/27/02 *

Cassius Maximius
* 3/27/02 - 5/30/02 *

John Tasslehofl Momus
* 6/4/02 - 4/16/03 *

Galin Taelca
* 6/1/03 - 10/1/03 *

Horatio Benvolio MacBeth
* 12/8/03 - 8/1/04 *

Arithon Falessan
* 8/1/04 - Present *


Siera Redwin
(2/7/95 - 4/24/95)
This ring was first held by Siera Redwin. Siera's reign was all of two and a half months before she claimed the title of Overlord from Kalamere Ar'Din.

Kalamere Ar'Din
(4/24/95 - 10/10/95)
Kalamere, the dethroned Overlord, became the second to wear this ring, declaring himself loyal to she who had beaten him. During his six month reign, Gnimish Gnimoi became Overlord. Opposed to Gnim's habit of "testing" barons who challenged him, Kal turned renegade and interceded on behalf of Iain MacKenzie, who was to face Billy Ray in the Test of Worthiness. Billy Ray upped the stakes by challenging Kalamere for his ring. The match was won by Kal, but Iain went on to lose to Gnimish.

Wicked Deth
(10/10/95 - 12/27/95)
Wicked Deth was the third to hold this ring, defeating Kalamere in his second defense. Wicked's tenure was relatively uneventful. He lost the ring in his first defense against Martigan Crow.

Martigan Crow
(12/27/95 - 1/9/96)
When Martigan took the ring, Gnimish was still Overlord. The gnome Overlord had apparently taken more pressure than he could handle, however, and retired the crown. A tournament of barons was held and Martigan was the victor. He left his baron's ring behind and took the crown of Overlord after a mere 13 day reign.

Lord Harvest
(1/16/96 - 7/17/96)
The ring went to the hands of the Duel of Swords officials while a Tournament of Warlords was held to see who would be the next to wear it. Lord Harvest of Atlantis won and took the ring, holding onto it for six months before being challenged, at the time making him the longest holder of the Second ring.

Tarl Cabot
(7/17/96 - 12/1/96)
Tarl Cabot was the sixth Baron to wear the Second ring. He took possession after Lord Harvest failed to answer his challenge. It was almost five months between when Tarl took the ring and when he first had to fight for it. The first and only challenge to Tarl came from Cullen "CriptKicker" Kildarby. In a fine match that lasted a stretch of fourteen rounds, Cullen emerged victorious.

Cullen Kildarby
(12/1/96 - 12/27/96)
The next to hold the Second ring was Daegarth Mithmellon. Daegarth challenged Cullen shortly after he took the ring from Tarl. The head of the House of Phoenix proved to be a man on a mission by recording a five round shutout.

Daegarth Mithmellon
(12/27/96 - 1/19/97)
Daegarth's first and only challenge came from AJ Bird, who had first challenged Ellisa Morgan, but then changed his mind. Once his mind was made up, however, AJ was not to be stopped.

AJ Bird
(1/19/97 - 2/22/99)
AJ, or "WarBird", was the ninth Baron to hold this ring. Lyon ThrakHath challenged AJ almost immediately to avenge the House of Phoenix, but vengeance was not to be his. AJ became only the second baron to ever defend this ring.

He became the first Baron to defend it twice when Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia of House Llewys-Lathadoscia issued challenge. AJ made history in style by shutting out the would-be Baron in six rounds.

AJ's third defense was against former baron Raiyko Hideo. This one was a bit more complicated, as the Overlord of the time took a hand in the matter. Overlord Athlstan wished to test the worthiness of Raiyko, but instead Athlstan found himself in the ring against Renegade Baron Ford Prefect. Intent on seeing the challenge go through, Ford defeated the Overlord and sent him back to the spectators' seats. The match between AJ and Raiyko then proceeded as planned. In the end, Athlstan need not have concerned himself with the match as AJ, once again, demonstrated his prowess and desire to continue wearing the ring. After a nine round, 5-2, match, AJ remained the defender of the Second Ring.

Duke Adonai Uziel was the fourth challenger to fall to WarBird's blade. Once again, AJ's skill dominated the match, with Adonai scoring only a single point before it was over. In his last three matches AJ, had only given up as many points.

Next up was Verceterix Gavin 'ur Favre 'il Thorne. Though the name was of considerable length, the match was not. AJ dispatched Rix in seven rounds while giving up only two points.

The sixth to step forward and challenge the Baron was Prince Arlingond from the House Questrion. In a duel fought with honor from both parties, the Baron Bird did become the first to successfully defend his ring a sixth time, turning back Arlingond 5-3.

After a brief time of peace, the Baron once more was called to defend his ring. This time the challenge came from a familiar face as Verceterix Gavin 'ur Favre 'il Thorne, now additionally est Dracoern, once more sought to gain the Second ring. The Warlord though would never face the Baron as the Overlord Dalamar Ar'Daumon interceded for his loyal Baron. The Overlord defeated both the now commonplace intercession of the Renegade Baron Daegarth Mithmellon and the warlord. Thus insuring the Baron's right to wear the Second ring.

Coming up to his one year anniversary of holding the ring, the Loyal Baron was challenged for the eighth time by Warlord EVAN (MDickey). The odds running against the Baron who currently held the record for the most defenses, he faced the challenger in the ring without intercession and handed the newer Warlord a brutal 5-2 in six round defeat for his effort.

The next challenger seeking to break the Baron's record streak was Kingfish, Lord Advisor to the King of Covington. With due honors the Baron and the Warlord met on the Battlefield. The match was painful from the first, and the Baron took an early lead. Kingfish recovered well, though, and the lead wavered between the two for most of the long match. The Warbird's record was not to end yet, though. A timely thrust in the thirteenth round gave the Baron his ninth defense in a row, with a final score of 6-5.

Percival Marchand de Clermont, the White Duke, stepped forward next to threaten the Baron's reign. Despite the incalculable odds against any titleholder defending ten times, the Warbird did it, and did it in style, with a decisive 5-3 victory in eleven rounds.

Only one title holder had defended more often in a single reign than Baron AJ, Overlord Dalamar, to whom AJ had been loyal throughout his reign. But when the Overlord failed to appear at a challenge for his title, the Baron's Council was convened in judgment, and a bitter debate followed. Among the fallout was several of the Barons realigning themselves Renegade, including the Warbird.

Approaching the winter solstice, the Baron received his eleventh challenge. This time from the Warlord Jesse Troyan. The Warlord's impressive fighting skills were in full display, and from the first he lead the match. But the Warbird had not remained Baron so long without reason. His skill kept the match close-fought throughout, and in the tenth round cut under the Warlord's defenses to take the 5-4 victory.

Two years to the day after the Warbird first became Baron of the Second, he faced his twelfth defense, against Warlord Roland Sal Roa. This duel belonged to the Baron from the first. In five swift rounds AJ defeated his challenger 5 - 1, continuing his record-length reign as Baron.

The Baron was not to continue his incredible reign far past that twelfth challenge. On the morning of the First Quarter Warlord Tourney, notice was received by the officials of the sport; the Baron was ill, and was retiring to seek healing. With heavy hearts at the loss of so great a warrior, the Duel of Swords bade AJ good journey, and the Second Ring was placed as a prize in the Tourney.

To claim the Second Ring, Warlord Lucian fought long and hard to become the champion of the One-Loss Bracket in that Tourney, then went on to defeat No-Loss Bracket champion Eric Siadek twice in a row for the final victory. Upon claiming his prize, the newest Baron aligned himself Neutral to Overlord Eros.

Once self-proclaimed Emperor of Commoners, John Tasslehofl Momus took years to make Warlord. Once there, however, it was a relatively short time before he challenged, a move proclaimed jokingly by many to be the beginning of Armageddon. His choice of who to challenge, however, was far from a laughing matter, but rather the keeping of an old promise. Former Baron of the Second AJ had once told then-commoner Tass he would hold the ring until the kender came to claim it. Unfortunately, illness prevented the Warbird from keeping his word. Failing to take the prize in the Warlord Tourney, Tass challenged Lucian for a chance at the promised ring.

Lucian gave no word on his view of the challenge beyond acceptance and declaration of particulars of the match. The opening of the match quickly grew bloody, both men determine to leave the ring as Baron. Lucian's determination and skill proved the greater, though, and after eight rounds he remained Baron of the Second with a 5 - 2 victory.

Lucian's next challenge came from Warlord Deluthan Ev'rt, but when the time of the challenge came, neither Lucian nor the official requested to call the match showed. Though an official can easily be replaced, the defender cannot, and Deluthan turned the matter over to the Baron's Council.

Later Lucian informed the Council that personal business, the result of which was a death forced at his hands, had prevented him. But such losses, though saddening, are rarely considered in the final decision of such situations, and it was no different now. The Baron was stripped of his title, and Deluthen set against a champion, the recently returned Warbird and longest holder of this ring, AJ.

When the two faced off, AJ proved once more why the Second was never taken from him by force. Eight rounds after it began, Deluthan was defeated with a stunning 5.5 - 1 score in eight rounds. The Second joined the plethora of rings available as prizes for the upcoming Warlord Tourney.

Gaius Marius Colestae'
(9/14/99 - 11/28/99)
With five rings total available as prizes, there were a great many new Barons made at the end of the two-day Tourney. Last of the five to be put up for the Tourney, the Second was also the last claimed, by Warlord Gaius Marius Colestae'. Upon taking possession of the Second, Marius declared it Renegade to the Overlord.

Two months passed uneventfully for the Baron before challenge came in the form of Warlord Cletus Ganderfald. From the first the Warlord took the lead, a lead which Marius could not diminish. After thirteen rounds a new Baron held the Second ring, Cletus the victor with a 5 - 3 score. The Baron aligned himself Neutral to the Overlord.

Cletus Ganderfald
(11/28/99 - 7/16/00)
Cletus reign would not be the peaceful one Marius enjoyed. Within two weeks of taking the Second Ring, Warlady Drakewyn Silvertree challenged, claiming the Baron lacking in honor and unfit to hold a ring. It is not honor, however, but sword skill which determines a Baron. On the night of the challenge, Cletus's skill proved the stronger, with an early lead and a final win of 5 - 2 in seven rounds.

Warlord Cassius Maximius was the next to bring challenge to the Baron, and the next to fall by his blade. For the third time, Cletus's strong opening gambit gave him the early lead, and after ten rounds he remained Baron of the Second with a 5 - 3 victory.

The Baron's third challenge came at the hand of Warlady Spike u'Shell Momus. This time it was the Challenger who took the early lead, a definite change from the norm. Not enough of a change, however, as the Baron scored five rounds in a row to defend his title by 5 - 2 in seven rounds.

The ladies of the Duel of Swords seemed to enjoy selecting Cletus as a target. When Warlady Ariadne Angeles brought her challenge against the Baron, she made three out of four challenges to him from women. It is said that the third time is charmed, and certainly something was working in the Warlady's favor the eve of the challenge. Whether injuries from a recent attack against him were more grievous than Cletus allowed, or whether he was simply outmatched, he left the challenge ring a Baron no more.

Ariadne Angeles
(7/16/00 - 9/1/00)
One week after taking the Second, Ariadne stood to defend it against Warlord Zen Rising. The Warlord had made it clear that, should he beat Ariadne, his next target would be Overlady Taylara Tyree. Calling this trickery and deceit, Taylara interceded in the challenge against the wishes of her Loyal Baroness. Renegade Baron Sartan protested the intercession more strongly by championing the Warlord. The Overlady scored first blood, but the last strike went to the Baron. A 5 - 3 victory cleared the way for Zen's challenge to Ariadne.

The first part of the match belonged entirely to the Warlord, swiftly gaining a 3 - 1 lead over the Baroness. At that point, though, Ariadne rallied, and the Warlord never scored again. In the ninth round she took the final point and the win, 5 - 3 as the final score.

On the first night of the ninth month Nycholas De Grylington did serve as official for the duel between the Baroness, Ariadne Angeles and the Warlord Magnus Eques for the right to wear the ring of the Second. The crowd was light but vocal, they jeered the Baroness at every opportunity and it seems they were rewarded for their efforts. The Warlord bested the Baroness 5-2 in seven quick rounds to stand renegade to the crown.

Magnus Eques
(9/1/00 - 3/27/02)
Magnus' first challenge came more than six months after his defeat of Ariadne, and it was from the hand of Daryl Kyle. With little fanfare, these two met in the Annex for a match that would prove entertaining for the few who came out to watch. Daryl's strong opening and risky offensive maneuvers garnered him the lead on more than one occasion, but he was never quite able to put Magnus away. In the end, Magnus added another defense to his lengthy resume, disposing of the Warlord by a score of 5-4 in nine rounds.

Magnus was always one to hold his challenges without much hype or fanfare, even when challenges were extremely scarce. So when Magnus was challenged by a little known Warlord named Hood, it was a match perfectly made for the confines of a ring. If Hood did not know about Magnus' challenge record when he entered the ring, he certainly was aware of it when he left. After twelve rounds, Magnus secured the Second ring with a solid 5-2 victory.

Magnus' third and final challenge came from a familiar face, the Roman, Cassius Maximius. Wanting to avenge his loss from years past, Cassius challenged with the utmost respect for Magnus' skill. On this night, Cassius would get the better of Magnus after nine quick rounds. He declared the Second loyal to Dalamar Ar'Daumon.

Cassius Maximus
(3/27/02 - 5/30/02)
Only days after Cassius won the second, he was challenged for it by Sergeant Lorance Sneggle. Cassius asked for the Overlord to intercede on his behalf since he had already bested Lorance in a challenge match. Dalamar did step in for Cassius, and once more Baron of the Tenth, Var Medici-Giovanni, was there to oppose it. Days before the two met over the challenge for the Ninth, but this match would be much longer and closer than the previous one. It took fourteen rounds before a victor was decided. That victor was once more the Overlord, this time with a 5 - 3 score. Dalamar then went on to meet Lorance. In an nearly equally long match, Dalamar was able to end Lorance's challenge with a score of 5 - 3.5 in twelve rounds.

As the Summer Warlord Tournament of '02 approached, Cassius entered into a wager with a non-Baron where if Cassius lost, he would retire the Second. Cassius lost, and the second went to the Warlord tournament less than four days away.

John Tasslehofl Momus
(6/4/02 - 4/16/03)
Days after Cassius' retirement of the Second, the quarterly Warlord Tournament was held. After battling his way back in the loser's bracket, Tasslehofl Momus defeated Cletus Ganderfald in two back-to-back matches to be crowned the champion of the tournament. As a result of his victory, he was finally able to fulfill a promise he made to the WarBird, AJ, many years ago. That promise was to fight for, win, and wear the Second ring proudly. Ironically, AJ Bird was spotted in the Arena only days before Tasslehofl won.

Tasslehofl's reign was relatively uneventful until he decided to press challenge to the Overlord. Mysterious events surrounded his decision to do so. Tass was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt at the crown, and following the match he announced the Second was wearing him down. It was almost as if the Second was causing him an unexplainable illness. As AJ did in the past, Tass retired the ring to attempt to regain his health after the challenge to the Overlord.

Galin Taelca
(6/1/03 - 10/1/03)
Nearly one year after Tass won the Second in a Warlord Tournament, Galin Taelca did the same. By virtue of placing second in the tournament, Galin selected the Second ring as his prize.

Exactly four months after winning the ring, Galin retired the Second without a defense, explaining to the Standings Keeper that he needed to depart from the realm for an undetermined period, but promising to return to the Arena eventually. The Second would await a new holder to be determined in the Warlord Tournament some two months away.

Horatio Benvolio MacBeth
(12/8/03 - 8/1/04)
As second prize in the Winter Warlord Tournament of 2004, Horatio Benvolio MacBeth claimed the Second ring. The honor was the first time Horatio held a Baronial rank.

Before Cory Havoick was unseated from the throne, he passed along his Overlord Grant to Warlord Arithon Falessan. Arithon used the opportunity to challenge Horatio. In a simple one-match format, the two veterans met in the ring. After nine rounds, Arithon walked away as the new Baron of the Second with a 5-2 win.

Arithon Falessan
(8/1/04 - Present)

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