4th Ring

* 2/7/95 - 9/11/95 *

Dalamar Ar'Daumon
* 9/11/95 - 10/18/95 *

Shade 9
* 10/18/95 - 12/4/95 *

* 12/4/95 - 12/27/95 *

Shade 9
* 12/27/95 - 2/13/96 *

* 2/13/96 - 2/4/97 *

Damien Cetran
* 2/11/97 - 5/6/97 *

G'nort Esplanade G'neesmacher Dragoon Talanador
* 5/6/97 - 5/18/97 *

Lupton est Lathadoscia
* 5/18/97 - 8/23/97 *

Philip Kardinal
* 8/23/97 - 9/18/97 *

Beka Cavish
* 9/18/97 - 12/16/97 *

Huma Dragonbane
* 12/16/97 - 5/12/98 *

Jesse Troyan
* 5/12/98 - 5/12/98 *

Daegarth Mithmellon
* 5/26/98 - 6/15/98 *

Zen Rising
* 6/15/98 - 12/3/98 *

Morgan le Fay du Cornwall
* 12/5/98 - 2/14/99 *

Huma Dragonbane
* 2/14/99 - 4/5/99 *

Zen Rising
* 4/5/99 - 7/27/99 *

Seamus MacDonnaugh
* 9/14/99 - 10/24/99 *

Zen Rising
* 10/24/99 - 2/28/00 *

Jesse Troyan
* 2/29/00 - 8/6/00 *

Karen Wilder
* 8/29/00 - 8/19/01 *

G'nort Esplanade G'neesmacher Dragoon Talanador
* 9/4/01 - 4/12/02 *

Jaycynda Ashleana
* 4/12/02 - 9/5/03 *

Bode BoJangles
* 9/5/03 - 3/4/04 *

Xeric Mues
* 3/4/04 - 5/24/04 *


(2/7/95 - 9/11/95)
This ring was first held by Baroness Halo, and she held onto it longer than any of the other original barons.  In her seven months she saw six different Overlords wear the crown and was only three days shy of seeing her seventh.  During that time she had one successful defense against Martigan Crow, and then finally lost to Dalamar ArD'aumon, otherwise known as Lord of Dale, who recorded the first perfect shutout in a baron challenge.  Halo was also the first Baron to switch alignment to renegade in order to intercede in a test of worthiness, supporting Falire's challenge to Siera Redwin's Overlordship.

Dalamar Ar'Daumon
(9/11/95 - 10/18/95)
As opposed to Halo, Dalamar's reign was relatively short.  He held the ring for only a month before being challenged by Shade 9 and losing.

Shade 9
(10/18/95 - 12/4/95)
Shade was the first duelist to hold the same Baron's ring twice... he's also the only baron to forfeit the same ring twice.  The first time was to Lupton.

(12/4/95 - 12/27/95)
Lupton took the ring and became the fourth to wear it, but as a man of honor he allowed Shade to immediately challenge him for it when he returned three weeks later.  Shade won back the ring.

Shade 9
(12/27/95 - 2/13/96)
The sixth holder of this ring was Phlag.  He gained the ring when Shade 9 again failed to answer a challenge.

(2/13/96 - 2/4/97)
Unlike Lupton, Phlag never had the chance to prove himself against Shade.  To make up for it, Phlag convinced a friend of his, Duke Leto of Covington, to challenge him.  Phlag won the match and further proved himself by defending a second time against Jo Kicklen Elbinknyght.

Roughly 10 months later, Shade 9 made another appearance.  Shade issued challenge for the ring, but then vanished before the match could be fought. Lady Helix Deverrey Girvin, the DoS Coordinator, stepped in to declare Phlag the victor by default.

Phlag was hardly to be seen after that, however.  He disappeared from the realm, and was not seen or heard from again for almost a year.  It is unknown what became of this esteemed duelist during his long absence.  The DoS officials claimed the ring, only nine days short of what would have been Phlag's one-year anniversary as Baron.

Damien Cetran
(2/11/97 - 5/6/97)
After Phlag's departure the ring was offered as a prize in the Tournament of Warlords.  Sir Damien Cetran was victorious and, following in the footsteps of most of the winners before him, chose to become a Baron rather to fight the Overlord.

Controversy sprang up around Damien almost immediately after he slipped the ring over his finger.  Billy Ray Karnafexx submitted a notice of intent to challenge the very same day.  While not a formally binding challenge, Billy's notice of intent would usualy have been honored.  But not this time.  The official challenge came from Lupton, who, giving up on his efforts to defeat Jeffrey Oakenshield (see Ring Seven), decided to try to reclaim the ring that once was his.

In the end, Lupton might have been better served just holding onto his peer wins.  Damien was determined to hold onto his newly acquired ring.  The Baron controlled the bout and handed Lupton a 5-1 loss.. perhaps a lesson in manners.

Sir Cetran's second challenge came from "Wicked Deth."  Damien, still a relative newcomer to DoS despite having already defended the title once, was given even odds against this one-time Baron.  In the end, it was a close match, but the newcomer outdueled the veteran to hold onto his title.

Damien met his third challenge in mid April.  This time from Sir Robert S.  In a very close duel, Damien again came out on top, defending his ring a third time with a final score of 5-4.

G'nort Espelande G'neesmacher Dragoon Talanador was the next to challenge Damien's position. G'nort jumped the gun originally, challenging within the first calendar month of the defense against Robert.  The fault was rectified, though, and a proper challenge was issued when the time came.

Damien was denied in his fourth defense and lost the ring to G'nort who led the match the whole way through.

G'nort Esplanade G'neesmacher Dragoon Talanador
(5/6/97 - 5/18/97)
Challenge was made to G'nort within two days of his claiming the ring.  Though accused of merely finding a new victim to stalk, Lupton est Lathadoscia maintained that G'nort had made insult to his honor.  Perhaps the drive of an insult was the edge that Lupton had been lacking through his personal history of challenges.  With his purpose in mind, his blade swung true.  At long last, Lupton reclaimed the title of Baron... claiming the ring in the name of his house and his honor.

Lupton est Lathadoscia
(5/18/97 - 8/23/97)
As the ninth Baron to hold this ring, Lupton's first challenge came from Zaradda Eltorch of House Talandor.  Intercession of Overlord Athlstan proved a difficult obstacle for the challenger. Though Rad proved himself worthy, it was a bloody duel with both combatants scoring multiple times.  The pace proved too much for Rad and Lupton took full advantage of it.  In a mere six rounds, the Baron pummeled the challenger.  Lupton's first defense ended in a memorable 5-1 victory.

Lupton's second and third defenses were accomplished with the same relative ease.  Huma DragonBane and James Dandy both fell to the Baron's blade, neither scoring more than three points.

Philip Kardinal was the fourth to challenge Lupton and became tenth to hold this ring.  The new Baron bested the old in a tight, 5-4, match that lasted eleven rounds.

Philip Kardinal
(8/23/97 - 9/18/97)
Philips' first challenge came in the form of Beka Cavish, a new Warlord looking to gain a ring before going to battle for her country... which is exactly what she did with a 5-1 victory.  With her victory, for the first time in the history of the sport, the majority of rings were held by women: Adeena Maeax, Ellisa Morgan, Kaprielle d' Argent, Luthien Tinuvel and Beka.

Beka Cavish
(9/18/97 - 12/16/97)
Knowing she'd be difficult to reach, Beka named Knight Durandal, her husband, as her Second to answer challenges for her and notify her on the fronts.

When Huma Dragonbane challenged, Durandal was forced to respond, for Beka was currently behind enemy lines.  While delivering the news of her challenge, Durandal was struck down by an arrow and killed... so it was a mourning Baroness that faced her opponent.  The match went quickly in the Warlord's favor and he became the twelfth holder of the ring; repeating Beka's score of 5-1.

Huma Dragonbane
(12/16/97 - 5/12/98)
A few side notes: Huma, a member of the Questrion household, aligned himself as a Renegade against Dalamar Ar'Daumon.  This caused a domino effect in the ranks of the Barons as Moralitor and Ulath Fici, current Barons and members of Questrion, re-aligned themselves Renegade, causing a splash to ripple through the politics of the rings.

The Baron's first challenge came after only a few days of gaining the ring by a second-time challenger Seamus MacDonnaugh.  The Baron proved his skill and staying power as he defeated the Warlord 5-1 in eleven rounds.

Whether it was because she wanted to test her skills, was a member of the fractured house of Questrion or a loyalist of the Overlord, next up to challenge Huma was Midnight Blue.  For facing an opponent that had held a ring before, the Baron stood his ground staunchly and took home his second defense by defeating the challenger 5-3 in eight short rounds.

The third challenger for this ring came forth to take down the last remaining Renegade and came in the form of a repeat challenger, the Warlord Xyclone.  Mid-duel this Warlord was up on the Baron 4-1, but somehow the Baron managed to pull through and defeat his challenger 5-4 in an impressive comeback.

Baron Huma's fourth challenge was issued from a nameless man known sometimes as Duelist.  A fair amount of superstition surrounded this match, for no previous holder of the Fourth Ring had ever successfully defended four times.  But the sole Renegade of the Baron's Council broke that curse, and broke it in style, winning 5 - 0 in six rounds.

Jesse Troyan
(5/12/98 - 5/12/98)
Jesse Troyan rose from among the Warlords to challenge Huma next, and what his letter of challenge lacked in tack it made up for in vehemence.  Insult was rife throughout it, as well as in the Baron's response.  When the two met in the rings, the Warlord took an early lead and stayed ahead for the full thirteen rounds, winning 5.5-3.  Then, in a shocking turn of events, the newest Baron took the ring and tossed it in the air, to be caught by Luthien Tinuviel, who was officiating the match.  The Fourth Ring was left vacant to be claimed at the upcoming Warlord Tourney.

Daegarth Mithmellon
(5/26/98 - 6/15/98)
With four new rings open to be claimed as well as the Fourth and the intercession-free challenge to the Overlord, there were several winners at that Tourney.  Daegarth Mithmellon took fourth place and chose the abandoned Fourth Ring as his prize.  Then, in a move that surprised some, given Dae's history of interceding when Dalamar issued a Test of Worthiness on a challenging Warlord, the Baron aligned himself Neutral, an option created as a result of a long and arduous Rules Discussion.

First to challenge the five-time Baron was Zen Rising, who held Daegarth in some part responsible for the loss of his ring nearly two years prior.  How valid or disputable that claim might be notwithstanding, the Warlord entered the ring ready to fight, and fight hard.  From the first he took a strong lead, and Dae was only able to score twice towards the end of the match.  With a 5- 2 victory in the eleventh round, Zen Rising became the fifteenth bearer of the Fourth Ring.

Zen Rising
(6/15/98 - 12/3/98)
At this time former holder of the Fourth Huma Dragonbane stepped forth to keep an oath sworn when Jesse took the ring: to take it back.  Though the Warlord fought hard, his efforts in the end were crushingly futile, as he was defeated decisively.  Baron Zen won 5.5 - 0 in thirteen rounds to keep his new title.

Next to challenge the Baron was Warlord Krollon Arkanan.  The match, though quick, was painfully bloody, beginning with the combatants trading blows twice in the first two rounds.  But Zen took the lead in the third round and kept it through the rest of the duel to win 5 -3 in six rounds.

Jola Fici stepped forward next to challenge the Renegade, but Zen was not to be removed yet. With a telling 5 - 2 victory, he defended for the third time his right to wear the Fourth Ring.

The Baron's fall came at his own hand, when he failed to respond in a timely manner to a challenge issued him by Warlord Evan Faline.  The Barons' Council stripped him of rank and set Baron of the Ninth, G'nort Dragoon Talanador, to defend the ring in his stead.  Baron and Warlord met and fought hard, and for more than half the duel the score was tied between them. But in the latter part G'nort was able to pull ahead, and at the end of eleven rounds he defeated the Warlord 5.5 - 3.  The ring was placed as a prize in the Warlord Tourney, which began the next day.

Morgan le Fay du Cornwall
(12/5/98 - 2/14/99)
Morgan le Fay du Cornwall, winner of the Fifth Ring at the last Tourney, had only recently lost that ring to challenge.  But it was not to be that the Lady le Fay should remain a Warlord for long.  In this Tournament she was the last remaining undefeated dueler, guaranteed either first or second place.  An odd twist at the end gave her the win; champion of the single-loss bracket of duelers, Daegarth Mithmellon, asked Morgan what her choice of prizes would be should she win, the ring or the challenge to the Overlord.  When she stated the ring, he forfeited, desiring the challenge for himself.  So the Lady le Fay was a Baroness once more, and declared herself Loyal to Dalamar.

The new year brought a challenge for the Baroness le Fay from Warlord Percival Marchand deClermont.  Once more she showed the skill which had made her victorious at the last two Warlord Tournaments, shutting out the Warlord in seven rounds to successfully defend her ring.

Warlord Huma Dragonbane stepped foreward not long after to attempt once more to take back the Fourth Ring for himself.  This time he faced Intercession by Overlord Eros, but the Baron of the Eleventh, Gimzak Stonecutter, stepped in on the Warlord's behalf.  Nine rounds later, the Baron had defeated the Overlord 5 - 2 and the Warlord took to the ring to challenge the Baroness le Fay.  This duel, won by the same margin, was swifter, as a series of well-timed and perfectly-executed defensive manuvers secured Huma the Fourth Ring and the title of Baron in seven rounds.

Huma Dragonbane
(2/14/99 - 4/5/99)
Huma was not the only dueler to feel proprietary about the Fourth, though.  Zen Rising, fifteenth Bearer of the Ring, stated his intention to get it back.  Huma had not fought so hard to regain it to just sit by and hand it over, however, nor did Zen expect him to.  In the vicious battle that followed, the lead was never maintained by more than a point.  It was defense, the normal sort any commoner might make, which won the battle in the end; bookend parries in the fourteenth and fifteenth rounds edged Zen into the victory and the Fourth Ring with a 6.5 - 5.5 victory.

Zen Rising
(4/5/99 - 7/27/99)
Zen held the ring for three months without challenge before moving on to bigger and better things.  Overlord Agrenish Preescot's swift and rude retirement from the crown and duels called for a Baron's Tourney to fill the vacancy.  The tourney was handled in a round-robin style, with each of the participating Barons facing every other Baron once.  Out of eight duels fought, Zen lost only one, to Baron of the fifth Rix Favre, and that after nineteen grueling rounds.  This stunning 7 - 1 record placed him at the top of the Tourney and crowned him Overlord.  The vacated Fourth Ring was held against the upcoming Warlord Tourney.

Seamus MacDonnaugh
(9/14/99 - 10/24/99)
The undefeated champion of that Tourney was Warlord and publisher of the dueling paper The Duly Noted, Seamus MacDonnaugh.  Seamus was quick to select the Fourth as his prize for unmatched skill in the Tourney, and equally quick to declare the Fourth Renegade to the Overlord.

A new Overlord reigned, but Seamus was Renegade still, when challenge came to him from the previous Baron of this ring, now Warlord, Zen Rising.  Zen had hoped to try for the Overlordship again, but held high respect for Avery Shiv Blade, the current Overlord, and so instead chose to remove a Renegade to his reign, and hopefully acquire the same ring three times.  This was to be a true test of champions, the victor of the Warlord Tourney versus the victor of the Baron Tourney. The combatants did not disappoint, with a maximum of one point difference between the two at any given time.  But a single point difference is all that is needed to determine a victor, and in the end, that difference was in favor of Zen Rising, 5 - 4 in eleven rounds.

Zen Rising
(10/24/99 - 2/28/00)
Shade, Phlag, Jesse... the Fourth Ring has had more than it's share of abandonments, most coming in league with the vanishing of its current Baron.  Combined with Zen's own history of disappearances while bearing a ring, including this one, it was perhaps unsurprising when the Baron departed from the duels.  The question was raised how he could remain Baron of the Fourth when he was known to no longer be in the realm.  A simple enough question, but in the resulting discussion, information became known which shocked many within the duels, particularly those who held the title of Baron.

Drakewyn Silvertree, The Standings Keeper, mentioned in post that she had, without knowledge or consent of the Supervisor or the Barons, placed tracing spells on all the rings, to be able to locate them in case of disappearance.  An unnecessary precaution, as the Rings have never failed to return to the Duel of Swords at need.  Though the method is unknown, the Rings are believed to be linked to the Arena and the Red Dragon Inn.  The only time one did not return when its Bearer lost the Ring was when the Seventh was in the possession of Lady Kairee, then proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn, which gives some credence to the theory.  It was also considered a highly invasive precaution, violating the privacy of every Baron who had held a ring from the moment the spells were made.  On her own behalf, the Lady Drakewyn repeatedly reassured the populace of the duels that she had never activated the spell, and would only do so in urgent need. Ultimately, she removed the spells.

This still left the question of where Zen had gone and what would happen to his ring.  In the midst of the arguments, Raven, Zen's lady fair, did inform the Supervisor, Valentine Evermeadow, that her love was indeed departed from the realms, and the Fourth could be placed as a prize inthe upcoming Warlord Tourney.  The day of the Tourney, official notice was received from the Baron himself that he was retiring.  He had left the ring in the care of Overlord Avery Shiv Blade, who now turned it over to Young Lord Evermeadow for the Tourney.

Jesse Troyan
(2/29/00 - 8/6/00)
From the moment the list of participants was officially posted, one brash dueler declared with no humility that he would walk away undefeated.  Under other circumstances he might have been decried and publicly humiliated, but such displays were normal for Jesse Troyan.  Moreover, he had repeatedly proven to be as good as his word, and this time was no different.  After the last blow fell and the last block was made, Jesse was undefeated champion of the Tourney, and Renegade Baron of the Fourth.

The risk of being Renegade is frequent challenges, but this was a risk Troyan not only accepted, but encouraged.  The first to rise to the Baron's bait was Warlord Reod Daii.  Taking a predator's bait can be a dangerous thing, however, and in this case a particularly painful one.  Seven rounds into the duel, the Baron had successfully completed his first defense with a 5 - 2 score.

At this time the issue of the miscreant cur Methous and his right to challenge arose.  As per the judgement made by then-Supervisor Goldendust Evermeadow, the Council selected a Champion to face him, and Jesse Troyan was eager for the job.  Once again, the braggart was as good as his word, defeating Methous by 5 - 4 in eight rounds.  Methous would have to face another Champion at the end of the cycle if he wished to regain the right to challenge for title.

Wicked Deth, the next Challenger, proved as deadly a fighter as the Baron.  When the Warlord faced Troyan in the ring, the early duel belonged entirely to him.  In the entire match, Troyan took a higher score than his Challenger only once.  But that one round was the twelfth and last, and once more the Baron's title was secure with a 5 - 4 victory.

After this, no challenges came to the Baron for quite a while.  Baron of the Ninth G'nort Dragoon Talanador retired after being challenged, and a Champion was selected by the Council.  When that Champion was not Jesse Troyan, however, the Baron promised to intercede for any challenger in any Test from then on.  Tests and Intercessions, however, tend to be infrequent things, leaving the Baron without amusements still.  So he made private bets with the Barons of the Fifth and Sixth, Gunthar O'Dwyer and Damien Mortis, to duel unofficially, and the losers must retire their rings.  The results of those matches were the Fifth and Sixth left vacant, and hopefully a lesson to all on mixing private issues with public worth.

When asked by Baroness Ellisa Morgan to champion her challenge against the Overlady's Test of Worthiness, Jesse agreed -- and retired his title.  An odd twist indeed, to purposefully drop rank before fighting a match, but perhaps no more odd than the Overlady selecting a Commoner as her champion.  Jesse won that match, while his Ring went as a prize to the Warlord Tourney at month's end.

Karen Wilder
(8/29/00 - 8/19/01)
Warlady with a pool cue Karen Wilder came in fourth in that Tourney, and as her prize claimed the Fourth Ring.

The first to bring challenge to the Baroness was Cletus Ganderfald. Only days before the challenge was issued, Zen Rising, three time holder of the Fourth, passed away. Cletus challenged in Zen's name with the purpose of honoring his fallen comrade by holding the ring Zen had so often held. Karen however, had other plans. The two met in a best of three format. Cletus took an early lead in the first round but gave it up to Karen in the second. Cletus' problem? She never gave it back and went on to dominate in an eventual 5-3.5 victory. The second duel was much closer and much longer. After Cletus gave up yet another opening round lead, the two hacked away at each other twenty rounds, mirroring each other nine times. When the dust had settled, Karen walked away with the Fourth Ring still on her finger.

Karen would next be tested by Warlord Strallen Corackshnea. The night would once again belong to the Templar Knight, and the young warlord would leave the ring with his Baronial dreams unable to come to pass. Karen used the best of three to take out this latest opponent, winning the first two matches by scores of 5-3 in thirteen rounds, and 5-2 in seven rounds.

Soon after the challenge against Strallen, Seamus Mac Donnaugh made a plea to all of the Barons of the Duel of Swords community to show their faces and be more of a force in their sport. When Baroness Wilder said at the present she didn't have the time to do such, words were exchanged, and it eventually lead to Seamus bringing challenge to Karen. Once again, the night would belong to Karen as she soundly beat Seamus back in two duels. By scores of 5 - 1 and 5 - 2, in eight and six rounds, Karen's reign continued.

A little over two months after Karen defended the Fourth against Seamus, she followed through on her promise to challenge for the mantle. At the time, the Overlord was Cletus Ganderfald. The two fighters had shown their opposition towards each other in the past, and the end of this challenge would leave little resolved between the two. The Overlord chose the best of three format, and all three duels would be used. Each match ended in a score of 5-2. The first one belonged to the Baron, but the Overlord defended his title by winning the final two.

Karen would not enjoy any type of break, however. Almost immediately after being denied the crown, three time Baron and full time drunk, Damien Mortis laid siege to the Baron's reign. His challenge letter came in his own unique, yet typical fashion. His writing was mostly illegible and his words made little sense to most of those who read them. His peer list was written with style none could match. Figuring out just whom Damien challenged, however, would be the easiest part of this challenge.

When Karen responded to the challenge brought by Damien, she was two minutes over the one-week deadline, and Damien brought the matter to the attention of the Commission. The discussion that followed made it clear that the Baroness was not at fault, and established that Barons have until the end of the seventh day to respond to a challenge.

On the night the two were scheduled to meet, the Baroness failed to arrive. Afterwards it was learned that this was due to an attack on her church. The matter of the forfeit was sent to the Baron's council, and by a vote of 6 - 4, Karen was stripped of the Fourth. On the day that the Council rendered their decision, the Commission stepped in and, much to the dismay and outcry of many of the community, overturned the Council's decision. Despite the heated argument that ensued, the Commission held firm to their decision and the Baron and Warlord rescheduled.

Though the match was rescheduled, the two would still not meet. When the matter of the forfeit was first being discussed, the Baroness stated that should the matter go before the Council, she should be stripped of the Fourth. The Baroness was true to her word, and before any blood could be shed, Karen opted to uphold the wishes of the Council, as well as her own personal honor, and retire the Fourth. The Council wasted little time in voting Baron Unagi Miyamoto to champion the ring against Damien's challenge.

When the two entered the ring, the matter was finally settled. In an extremely close match, in which leads where upset on numerous occasions, Unagi defended the Fourth ring with a timely hit over Damien's midline block in the eleventh round. With a final score of 5 - 4, the Fourth joined the Sixth and Thirteenth as a prize in the next Warlord Tournament.

G'nort Esplanade G'neesmacher Dragoon Talanador
(9/4/01 - 4/12/02)
Former Baron of the Fourth ring, G'nort Dragoon Talanador, would win that Warlord Tournament. G'nort battled through twenty-three other competitors to go undefeated, and claim the Fourth ring. He aligned himself Renegade to Overlord Cletus Ganderfald.

G'nort would reign unchallenged through numerous changes in the Overlord title. For most of that entire time, G'nort was asking for someone to challenge him. He finally convinced former Baron of the Third, Jaycynda Ashleana to challenge him for the Fourth. It took less than three days from the time the challenge was issued until it was fought. The match itself was decided with the same swiftness. In a quick nine rounds, Jaycy was able to overcome G'nort's early lead and claim the Fourth for herself with a score of 5 - 4. Jacycy aligned herself loyal to Overlord Dalamar.

Jaycynda Ashleana
(4/12/02 - 9/5/03)
For over a year Jaycy sat unchallenged. Then, after a disagreement with Overlord Goon, she decided to press her own challenge to the crown. However, this challenge was unsuccessful.

Months later and still without a challenge, Jaycynda made another unsuccessful challenge attempt to the mantle against Overlord Chris Graziano. A few weeks later, she suffered retaliation from Chris's Wrecking Crew in the form of local beer guzzler and bare-fisted brawler, Bode BoJangles. Jaycynda met Bode's challenge in single-shot duel, and from the first round Bode took the lead and never looked back. Opening up to a 4-1 lead in five rounds, Bode finally managed to end the duel with a 5-2 score in the eighth round, using an unorthodox body splash that landed squarely on the defending gypsy.

Bode BoJangles
(9/5/03 - 3/4/04)
Following his win over Jaycynda, Bode informed the community that the Fourth would be Loyal to Overlord Chris and that his lady of honor that night, Maria Graziano, would be holding onto the ring for him for fear that wearing it himself might turn him into a "pretty boy."

Months past before the self-proclaimed anti pretty boy received his first challenge from Warlord Xavior Eric Mues. After a prompt scheduling, the two met to determine the fate of the Fourth. Xeric jumped out to an early lead that Bode was quick to tie, however in the end, Xeric was able to notch the 5-3 victory in ten rounds.

Xavior Eric Mues
(3/4/04 - 5/24/04)
After failing to appear at his first scheduled challenge against Warlord Eros Hunrai Marzanhe DeBurgo, the Baron's Council narrowly voted to strip Xeric Mues of the Fourth ring. They also appointed Baron of the 11th, Sartan, to champion the ring against Marzan's challenge. In two matches, Sartan was clearly the dominant duelist and exploited the length of time Marzan had been absent from the challenge ring. With victories of 5-2.5 in ten rounds, and 5-1 in twelve rounds, the Fourth ring stood vacant.

3rd Ring5th Ring
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