7th Ring

Ulath Fici
* 2/7/95 -5/29/95 *

Dirk Random
* 8/30/95 -9/11/95 *

* 9/11/95 -4/9/96 *

Daegarth Mithmellon
* 4/9/96 -6/18/96 *

Jeffrey Oakenshield
* 6/18/96 -1/4/97 *

Ellisa Morgan
* 1/4/97 - 4/3/97 *

Jeffrey Oakenshield
* 4/3/97 -5/28/97 *

Ellisa Morgan
* 5/28/97 - 10/15/97 *

Jeffrey Oakenshield
* 10/15/97-11/11/97 *

* 11/11/97 -2/9/98 *

Adonai Uziel
* 2/9/98 -6/21/98 *

Perrinis Alabaster
* 6/21/98 -9/10/98 *

Kalamere Ar'Din
* 9/10/98 -10/19/98 *

Damon Black
* 10/19/98 -1/23/99 *

Daelin Dragonsblade
* 1/23/99 -2/13/99 *

Adonai Uziel
* 2/13/99 -4/10/99 *

Daelin Dragonsblade
* 4/10/99 -8/6/99 *

Elijah Eagle Ecore
* 9/14/99 - 10/14/99 *

* 10/14/99 - 4/24/00 *

Dustin Manjahcapery
* 4/24/00 - 9/23/00 *

Jonathan Ecorian Havoick
* 9/23/00 - 10/27/01 *

Vawn Mahrtun
* 10/27/01 - 6/29/02 *

Malhavoc Shadowlord
* 6/29/02 - 8/16/02 *

Harris D'Artainian
* 8/16/02 - 2/10/03 *

* 3/3/03 - 5/1/03 *

Cletus Ganderfald
* 5/1/03 - 7/17/03 *

Jonathan Ecorian Havoick
* 7/17/03 - 6/13/04 *


Ulath Fici
(2/7/95 -5/29/95)
This ring was first held by Ulath Fici, otherwise known as Dark Axe. Ulath held the ring for just over two and a half months, during which he made a successful defense against Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez. Ulath lost the ring when he mysteriously vanished from Rhydin. After failing to arrive at the arena for a full cycle his ring was placed as a prize in the next Warlord Tournament.

Dirk Random
(8/30/95 -9/11/95)
The Seventh Ring was one of three that were prizes in the tournament. This one went to Dirk Random who became the Second holder. Dirk was challenged immediately for the ring by Athlstan. Like Ulath before him though, Dirk vanished from RhyDin and never answered the challenge.

(9/11/95 -4/9/96)
Athlstan took his position as a Baron, naming his position "the Misbegotten Seat," as he had defeated no one to gain it and he had no ring to show. Shortly before Dirk had left RhyDin he had given the Baron's ring to Lady Kairee, proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn. She refused to give up the ring and a lawsuit was actually brought on her behalf by one Brandon J. Fox, Attorney at Law, claiming that both the ring and the title of Baron of DoS, belonged to her by virtue of the gift.

Aside from the lawsuit, Athlstan's reign was uneventful. He held the position for nearly seven months without challenge, longer than any other. Towards the end of his reign, Kairee did finally give him the ring of his station.

Daegarth Mithmellon
(4/9/96 -6/18/96)
The ring passed from Athlstan to Daegarth Mithmellon, when Ath dethroned Dae to become the Twenty-Third Overlord. After a reign of just over two months, Daegarth lost this ring to Jeffrey Oakenshield, Dwarfking, in its first challenge to actually be fought.

Jeffrey Oakenshield
(6/18/96 -1/4/97)
Jeff was the fifth holder of the Seventh Ring. One of the few barons to successfully defend his ring multiple times, Jeff actually won four title matches before being overthrown. Only one before himhad ever defended so well. An interesting note is that all four of Jeff's defenses were against warlords of House Llewys-Lathadoscia, the first two against Lupton, the third against Elijah Basia-Uhr, and the fourth from Lupton again. Jeff was also the first Baron in this line to issue challenge to the baron before him and to actually meet that baron in the arena.

Jeff's reign ended when he met his fifth challenge from House Llewys-Lathadoscia. The challenger was Lady Ellisa Morgan and she did what none other from her house was able to do..... she won.

Ellisa Morgan
(1/4/97 - 4/3/97)
Ellisa's first challenge was issued by her rather than to her. She made a bid for the Overlordship, at the time held by Kalamere Ar'Din. With no intercession, Ellisa got her chance to take the throne, but was handed a solid defeat instead.

Right on the wings of that defeat, came the challenge from Jeffrey Oakenshield. Jeff was determined to take back the ring that was once his. And so he did. One of few to ever hold the same ring twice, Jeff was looking forward to advancing further into the record books.

But it was not to be...

Jeffrey Oakenshield
(4/3/97 -5/28/97)
A month and a half after having lost to him, Ellisa Morgan came calling back. Perhaps a little different in these days, having altered some of her affiliations... Ellisa stood tall and fought as if possessed. There was nothing Jeff could do to stop the 5-1 onslaught launched by this lady of the seas.

One month later, Jeff returned to challenge, but Ellisa was unwilling to pass the ring back to him. With a 5-3 victory, Ellisa took a more convincing lead in their personal series and remained the holder of the Seventh Ring.

Ellisa Morgan
(5/28/97 - 10/15/97)
The ongoing battle with Jeff was seemingly over, Ellisa's next defense was to be against the Warlord Slider. The Overlord, Dalamar Ar'Daumon, took an interest in the match and stepped between the challenger and the Loyal Baron. Halfway through the match, however, Slider was picked off by one of RhyDin's random portals, and swept away. Unable to fight free of it and return to the match, his second, David Strosnider, was allowed to finish in his place. Already warmed up and fighting well, Dalamar continued the match to his twelfth round victory, securing the position of his Loyal Baron.

Jeffrey Oakenshield
In a challenge entitled, "The Last Chapter", Jeffrey challenged Ellisa once more. And after a three month reign, he took the title from her. Oakenshield held the ring for three months, being challenged and defeated by Moralitor the Black of House Questrion in twelve rounds, which was exactly the same number of rounds that Jeffrey had beaten the lovely Ellisa in three months earlier.

(11/11/97 -2/9/98)
Just after recieving the ring, Moralitor was issued a challenge by Perrinis Alabaster. In between the time the challenge was issued and the challenge's consummation is when Moralitor switched his alignment. The duel occured amongst some heated political bickering between the factions of Questrion andthe Overlord. So intense were these arguements that the caller, Buffy the Slayer halted the match and threatened to move it to an undisclosed arena if the gentlemen could not cease.

In the end, the bickering quieted enough to allow Moralitor to defend his ring 5-3 in nine rounds, successfully fending off his challenger.

The political winds ever blowing in Rhydin drifted over some of the loyal Barons' allegience; blowing them all the way to renegade. Moralitor, starting as a loyal to Overlord Dalamar, switched to renegade when house member Huma Dragonsbane acquired his ring and aligned himself renegade.

Next up to challenge was Alais d' Nitesong for personal and private reasons. No matter the reasons the Baron successfully defended his ring from the challenge, winning 5.5 - 1 in ten rounds.

Next up in the Baron's series of challenges came from one directly linked to the turmoil in the Questrion house, the Warlord Dakich. This proved just another skirmish to the Baron as he defeated his opponent 5-3 in seven short rounds.

Again, next up for the chance to wear the Seventh Ring was a challenge that boiled up from the turmoil of the Baron's house, from Warlord Adonai Uziel. After a "if at first you don't succeed" fashion, this veteran challenger finally found his mark, perhaps out of a purpose to wrest a ring for his own and won 5-3, becoming the tenth (or eighth, depending on how you view the earlier tug of war) holder of the ring.

Adonai Uziel
(2/9/98 -6/21/98)
Upon defeating Moralitor the newest Baron aligned himself loyal to the Overlord, leaving Huma to stand solo as Renegade.

The newest holder of this ring had his first challenge come on the heels of his victory in the form of Warlord Var Medici. This was the Warlord's second attempt at a ring and although, for this one, he retained his rank long enough to meet the Baron in the ring, he was unsuccessful in wresting the title from its new owner. Adonai took the match 5-3.5 in thirteen hard fought rounds.

The month of March came only days later, and with it a new challenge to Baron Uziel. This time the Warlord was General Perrinis Alabaster, who had taken second place in the Warlord's Tournament a month earlier and had lost in his challenge to Overlord Dalamar Ar'Daumon two weeks prior. These two had known each other a long time, with no love lost after several episodes which had created friction between them. Adonai handed his challenger a solid defeat and kept his ring, winning by a 5 - 1.5 margin after nine rounds.

Baron Adonai's next challenge came from twice-Overlord Kalamere Ar'Din. The long-standing Warlord's issue was in truth with the present Overlord Dalamar and his issuance of a Test of Worthiness to challenging Baron Evan. But two oaths held Kalamere, the first that he would never challenge to become Overlord without first winning a tourney or gaining a barony, and the second that two years or ten Overlords should pass after the end of his last reign before he would challenge again. With neither of these conditions met, and unable to allow what he viewed as a gross abuse of power to pass unchallenged, he sought to undermine Dalamar's support base by removing a loyal Baron.

When the challenge came to be fought, it was Dalamar who entered the ring in defense of Baron Adonai. Intercession on Kalamere's behalf came from Renegade Baron Huma Dragonbane. The battle was exhaustive, but at the end of twelve rounds the Overlord was victor, 5 - 4. His match with Kalamere was somewhat swifter and his victory more decisive, 5 - 1 in eight rounds, and Adonai remained Bearer of the Seventh Ring.

Next to challenge for the honor of the Seventh Ring was Ellisa Morgan. Though by tradition Ellisa would win this ring from Jeff Oakenshield, she was more than willing to face Adonai to reclaim the ring she considered hers. But Adonai denied that claim vehemently once in the ring, winning a perfect shutout against the former Baroness.

From the first Adonai swore himself Loyal to Overlord Dalamar, a vow he kept for four months. But as summer approached without challenge or sign of challenge, Adonai changed his alignment to Renegade and invited a Challenge Que. After a week, with no challenges offered, he turned and issued challenge himself, to Dalamar.

This apparent betrayal infuriated many in the DoS, not the least of which was Dal himself. Were Adonai to lose the challenge to Dal, it was a fair bet there would be no lack of challenges for the Lord of the Valheru after. Even before the match, General Perrinis Alabaster gave challenge to the Renegade.

Adonai did lose to the Overlord, and as Perrinis was on hand at the time, requested to face the challenge for his own ring immediately. The official obliged, and in six rounds, during which only two attacks connected, Adonai lost both duel and ring, 5-0.

Perrinis Alabaster
(6/21/98 -9/10/98)
Perrinis went two full months and more before challenge was issued by former Baron and Overlord Kalamere Ar'Din. Though the Warlord was not often seen in the Arena of late, it was obvious he had lost nothing of the skills which had earned him his prior titles. But the Baron's skills were as carefully honed, and the match went eleven close rounds before three quick and well-timed moves gave Kalamere the victory, 5 - 3.

Kalamere Ar'Din
(9/10/98 -10/19/98)
Just over a month later, Kalamere returned to the challenge ring, this time in defense against Warlord Damon Black. When the day of the match came, Overlord Dalamar interceded for his Loyal Baron. Renegade Magnus Eques stepped forward in defense of the Warlord's challenge, only to be sent back to the viewing crowd when Dal won 5-1 in six rounds. Damon then took to the ring to try his skill against the Overlord. No quick match this, and at the end of eleven rounds Damon's 5 - 3 victory assured his right to challenge. Kalamere then stepped forth to defend his ring, and after ten rounds a new Baron held the Seventh Ring, Neutral Damon Black.

Damon Black
(10/19/98 -1/23/99)
The Baron's first challenge came after the new year, from Warlord Daelin Dragonsblade. A combination of well-timed strikes and daring defenses gave the Baron a wide lead early in the match. But the Warlord was far from finished, and aggressively closed the gap, thrusting hard at the last to take the title with a 5 - 4 victory in twelve rounds. The newest Baron then aligned the Seventh Ring Renegade to Overlord Dalamar.

Daelin Dragonsblade
(1/23/99 -2/13/99)
Just less than a month later, the Baron was called to defend his title against Warlord and former Baron of this same ring Adonai Uziel. Though Adonai had not been oft heard of late among the duels, his skill was in no way lacking for his absence. Six swift and bloody rounds the duel went, and the end showed Adonai victorious, and a Baron once more, with a 5-3 score.

Adonai Uziel
(2/13/99 -4/10/99)
Warlord Percival Marchand de Clermont, desiring a ring and having an intense dislike for the Baron, was first to issue challenge to Adonai. Less than flattered by the challenge, the Baron waited a full week before responding, and his response showed no love lost for the Warlord. The mutual dislike was reflected in their duel, as blow after blow were traded by the two men. The duel stretched on into double-digit rounds before one man pushed ahead, the Baron retaining his title with a narrow victory.

Less than a month later, Adonai stepped into the ring to defend it against the man from whom he had won it. Daelin Dragonsblade was after more than the Seventh returned to him. When Adonai had originally challenged, he had requested the Overlord not intercede for Daelin if requested to. Even though Dae had no such intentions, he felt Adonai's interference an undermining of friendship, trust, and good sportsmanship. His convictions seemed to carry for him an additional strength Percy had lacked, and at the end of their match Daelin was Baron of the Seventh once more.

Daelin Dragonsblade
(4/10/99 -8/6/99)
The first challenge to Daelin's reign was to prove a bizarre confusion of circumstances. The Avatar of Elijah Eagle Ecore, having returned in relative quiet some time before, was ready now to challenge for higher rank, and chose the Seventh as it was a ring which he had not held previously. But his challenge was ratified by the Standings Keeper erroneously; one of his peer wins was part of the Standings that had not yet been posted at the time of his challenge. The challenge had been fought, and won by the Avatar, before the error was realized. The Baron's Council was then faced with a hard decision; allow the challenge to stand and Elijah to keep the ring, have the challenge reissued and fought over, or void it entirely?

Part of this, at least, was solved by Elijah himself; he retired the title, and for a brief time retired entirely from the Duel of Swords, before rethinking his decision. The Barons debated briefly whether to give the Seventh back to Dae or, since he *had* lost the challenge, to make him fight a champion or just keep the Ring for the next Tourney. It was finally decided that, since the challenge should officially have never taken place, the Seventh would be returned to Daelin.

Daelin himself, however, was not completely satisfied with this solution. Of his own accord he requested the Baron's Council appoint a champion to face for the right to wear the Seventh. The request was honored, and the Council convened to select their champion, Gimzak Stonecutter of the Eleventh.

On the night of the test, Baron Gimzak failed to appear. Wishing the matter settled quickly, the test having taken the better part of a month to set up in the first place, the Barons present at the challenge chose Galin Taelca of the Ninth as a substitute. Perhaps the stress of the sudden change affected Daelin adversely, perhaps something else slowed his blade, or perhaps he was simply outmatched. Whatever the reason, he trailed throughout, and finally was defeated 5 - 3 in eight rounds. The Seventh Ring joined the Fourth as a prize for the upcoming Warlords' Tourney.

Elijah Eagle Ecor
(9/14/99 - 10/14/99)
Five rings available by the date of the Tourney spawned a period of excitement and discussion. During this time, Elijah Eagle Ecore made no secret about becoming a contender in the Warlords' Tourney, publicly declaring that he had hated the institution of the Baron's Council since it was created. In the same message, he claimed that he had already set forth the "Dragon Templar" who would achieve complete control of the Baron's Council. A couple of days earlier he had claimed that he did not care which prize he ended up with though the Seventh would be nice and he was doing it more for reputation than anything else. He felt that he had no comrades left in the sport nor any whom he cared for anymore. Elijah became the first runner up, chose the Seventh ring, and declared himself Neutral to the crown. Furthermore, he claimed that he had chosen Neutral for his alignment because he really cared nothing for the title of Overlord anymore.

Elijah did expect resistance and the first challenge was set forth by Lupton est Dracoern on the twenty-fifth of September. Scheduling the duel proved as difficult as the duel itself when challenger and challenged could not agree on a date and time. As described by the officiator, Lady Mystik DeBurgo, the duel was a tense one. The arena was packed with many spectators who witnessed the Baron retain possession and title of the Seventh Ring defeating the Warlord, 5-4 in nine rounds.

More resistance set the future theme for the Baron as he received pleas to abandon his personal crusade for control of the council. Elijah clarified that he did not want to control politics or the sport after all. He stated that gaining control of the entire Baron's council was only a resource he needed to accomplish a spiritual goal which appeared to be that of securing his freedom from a master who held his soul captive in the Lower Planes of Tarterus.

After a long break, Jeff Oakenshield returned to the Arena and pressed forth the second challenge. Zamhulem was third in this quest and so Baron Elijah was presented with two challengers in queue. Elijah set the evening up to defend the title against the two Warlords, one right after the other. The Baron did triumph against his first challenger, Jeff Oakenshield, 6.5 - 5.5 in twelve rounds. However, the Warlord Zamhulem was successful in his challenge defeating the Baron, 6 - 5 in a match of fourteen rounds. Overlord Avery Shiv Blade presented the new Baron with the ring himself, and Zamhulem declared the Seventh Loyal to the Crown.

(10/14/99 - 4/24/00)
Six months into his reign, Zamhulem faced his first challenge against Warlord Dustin Manjahcapery. The months without challenge had apparently affected the Baron's skill, much to Dustin's favor. From the first round to the eighth, the Warlord controlled the duel, and his 5 - 1 victory made him a Warlord no more, but Baron of the Seventh Ring.

Dustin Manjahcapery
(4/24/00 - 9/23/00)
Dustin's reign would last one day short of five months. It was cut short was by a Warlord by the name of Jonathan Ecorian Havoick. Dustin opted to use the best of three format, but even that didn't stop Cory. The first match was a barn burner. Dustin rallied back from a 3-1 deficit to tie the match at 4, but Cory's skill proved greater as he won the first match in ten rounds. Cory jumped out to a strong 4-1 lead to open the second match and held off Dustin's final charge to take the match, and the Seventh Ring, by a score of 5-3 in nine rounds.

Jonathan Ecorian Havoick
(9/23/00 - 10/27/01)
Ariadne Angeles would be the first to challenge Cory for his title, and she would go on to be the first to eventually fall to his blade, but not before another match took place. The Overlord at the time, Cletus Ganderfald, attempted to intercede on behalf of the Baron, but the Warlord had a champion all her own in the form of Baron of the Fourth, Karen Wilder. Karen continued to prove a pain in Cletus' side by defeating the Overlord, 5-3 in nine rounds and paving the way for Ariadne's challenge. In eleven rounds, with the same score as the previous match, Cory was able to send Ariadne trudging out of the ring, still a Warlord.

Next up for Cory would be two time holder of the Seventh, Adonai Uziel. At the onset of the match, it appeared as if the Baron wouldn't show, but nearly an hour after the match was slated to begin, Cory showed up. The Baron made up for his tardiness by ending the match in as few rounds as possible. Before most of the crowd could even blink, Cory had landed five quick hits, none of which were on the back end of a defensive manuever. Cory added yet another victim to his growing list, solidly defeating Adonai, 5-2 in five rounds.

Cory's third challenge came from a relative unknown to the challenge scene, Vawn Mahrtun. After only two long matches, Vawn was successful in his first challenge match. His wins were not dominating, but enough to get the job done. The first match lasted fourteen rounds and ended with a score of 5.5-4.5. The second match was not as close, yet just as entertaining. Vawn took that one 5-3 in only eleven rounds.

Upon defeat, Cory Havoick had passed his nodachi, which he used in the second duel, over to Vawn. He stated that he won the ring with the blade, and so he wanted to pass it onto the next holder. Vawn accepted. Furthermore, Cory had announced his plans for retirement after the challenge match between Drey and Seamus, which was only days away, to tend to his duties as a father and husband.

Vawn Mahrtun
(10/27/01 - 6/29/02)
Vawn's first test came from the Warlord Drey Starke. In a very low key, and quickly scheduled match, Vawn was able to defeat Drey in a short ten rounds. Altara d' Poison reported that at the beginning of the duel, the two were fairly well matched, but then the Baron pulled into the lead and stayed there. After the ten rounds were over, Vawn was the clear victor with a score of 5-2.5.

Days after Vawn had defeated Drey; he was given his second challenge. This one came from the elf, Malhavoc Shadowlord. When Malhavoc first arrived in the Arena, Vawn took him under his wing and helped to show him the ropes. Malhavoc challenged to show Vawn that he had grown as a dueler, and to prove that he could defeat, in a challenge situation, the man who had helped to mentor him. Vawn opted for the Best of Three series in this case.

The two matches required for a victor to be named were short, and lopsided. Vawn never once held the lead. Malhavoc opened strong in both matches, and put Vawn away before a rally could be mounted. The first match was a 5-3 win in nine rounds for Mal. The second one was a 5-2 in seven round victory.

Malhavoc Shadowlord
(6/29/02 - 8/16/02)
Shortly after winning the Seventh, Malhavoc was called upon to defend it. The challenger was the Warlord Harris D'Artainian. The date of the challenge was arranged quickly, and the two fought in front of a large crowd of spectators, as reported by Var Medici-Gionvanni. They majority of those in attendance were pulling for the challenger, and they were not to be denied. Harris was able to win two of the three duels fought to become the new Baron of the Seventh. Harris, who went on to win 5-1 in seven rounds, dominated the first match. Malhavoc was able to rebound in the second and win 5-3 in nine rounds, but Harris' endurance proved the better as he won the final match, 5-3 in eight rounds. Following the match, Harris elected not to declare an alignment, as he did not know Overlord Ganderfald well enough to like or dislike him. He left the matter of his alignment in the Overlord's hands, and he resolved the situation by setting it to Renegade.

Harris D'Artainian
(8/16/02 - 2/10/03)
While Harris' alignment to then Overlord Ganderfald was undeclared because Harris did not know the Overlord, the Baron's first challenge came from a man who perhaps had too much of a history with him. Dominic Fetzer issued challenge to Harris early in October, and also declared his intent to slice off the Baron's neck and head.

However, Dominic never had the chance to indulge. An error in the standings dually listed the challenger as both a warlord and commoner. When the records were combined, Dominic held the rank of Grand Master. This error was not noticed until after challenge had been pressed and peer wins validated. Though the Standings Keeper Remy offered his apologies for the error, he also could not allow the challenge to go through. The challenge would have been a direct violation of the rules and overruled precedence of standings keeper's errors. When it was all resolved, Harris' was still a baron.

February came along, and with Harris, no sign of challenge. Though the notice of abdication had little wording to it, Harris made sure the ring was returned in style. He placed the Seventh in a bag filled with other rings. Nycholas De Grylington, the acting standings keeper, called upon the services of former holder of the Seventh Elissa Morgan to identify the correct ring. When it was succefully identified, the Seventh Ring went up for the next Warlord's Tourney. What happened to the other rings has yet to be disclosed.

(3/3/03 - 5/1/03)
The March Warlord's tourney came three weeks after Harris' retirement, and the ring itself was finally presented by caller Nycholas while the final two duelers fought. Those final two duelers were first time participant Goon and long time participant Lucian. Goon had gone undefeated, and Lucian fought from the loser's bracket.

Lucian beat Goon in the two final duels, an ironic twist considering it was Goon who sent Lucian to the loser's bracket. By virtue of winning the Warlord's Tourney, Lucian chose the vacated 7th ring as his prize and pledged loyalty to Overlord Arithon.

Lucian's first challenge came to him less than a week after winning the ring. Former Baron of the 7th, Jonathan Ecorian Havoick, pressed challenge with the intent to win the ring back. Neither the challenge nor acceptance had any begrudging words, a trait that balanced with the brutality the two fought in the ring.

All three duels were needed to determine a victor. Cory never trailed in the first match, and took it 5-3 in 8 rounds. The second match had the pair exchanging the lead before Lucian took the lead for the final time with a 6-5 win in 12 rounds. The third match had a role reversal of the first, with Lucian being the one to keep the lead the entire match. In another 8 rounds, Lucian stuck it to Cory with a duel winning slash and the 5-2 win.

Next up for Lucian was many time Baron and Overlord, Cletus Ganderfald. In what seems to be a common occurrence in a challenge by Cletus, the Overlord interceded on behalf of the Baron. The Overlord at this time was Goon. In response, Baron of the Fourth, Jaycynda Ashleana stepped forward to champion the Warlord's cause. In a short seven rounds, Goon was able to dispose of the Baron by a score of 5-1.

In the past, being tested by the Overlord has spurred Cletus on to victory. This challenge was no exception to that rule. When the Warlord and Overlord met, Cletus rallied back from an early deficit to clear his challenge in eight rounds and a score of 5-3. However, the match against Lucian was much closer. Leads were upset on both ends and a winner was declared until the tenth round. That winner was Cletus with a 6-5 win.

Cletus Ganderfald
(5/1/03 - 7/17/03)
After making a public plea to be challenged, Cletus was challenged by former holder of the Seventh, Jonathan Ecorian Havoick. Cletus chose to hold the match in a single duel format. In front of a sparse crowd, it took Cory only nine rounds to reclaim the Seventh with a 5-3 victory.

Jonathan Ecorian Havoick
(7/17/03 - 6/13/04)
Cory remained unchallenged for the entirety of his reign. After Overlord Shakira was killed, Cory fought through his Baronial peers to claim victory in the Baron's tournament to fill the vacancy left by Shakira.

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