Top Overlords and Barons Of All Time

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Top Ten Overlords
Ranked by number of defenses

OverlordOverlord numberDefensesReign
Dalamar Ar'Daumon28th196/17/97 - 1/29/99
Shakira58th510/30/03 - 6/4/04
Athlstan23rd44/5/96 - 10/12/96
Avery Shiv Blade38th410/13/99 - 5/29/00
Siera Redwin17th44/20/95 - 8/8/95
Cletus Ganderfald44th34/16/01 - 9/23/01
Duke Leto of Covington25th311/2/96 - 2/18/97
Eros DeBurgo29th31/29/99 - 3/19/99
Gnimish Gnimoi20th39/3/95 - 12/17/95
Seamus MacDonnaugh45th39/23/01 - 12/13/01
Xenograg kathu-Darelir6th311/6/93 - 4/10/94
Due to insufficient records, Overlord stats are only based on Overlords 1, 4. 6, 15 and 17-present.


Most Baronies held

DuelistReignsRings held
Cletus Ganderfald101st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th(2), 12th, 13th(2)
Cassius Maximius72nd, 6th, 8th(2), 9th, 10th, 12th
Var Medici-Giovanni710th(7)
Jeffrey Oakenshield75th, 6th, 7th(3), 8th, 9th
Daegarth Mithmellon62nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th
G'nort Dragoon Talandor61st, 4th(2), 5th, 9th(2)
Elijah Basia-Uhr55th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th
Magnus Eques52nd, 9th, 13th(3)
Sartan53rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th


Most Defenses by a Baron
All time

Jeffrey Oakenshield13
AJ Bird12
Magnus Eques8
Adeena Maeax7
Cassius Maximius6
Unagi Miyamoto6
Adonai Uziel5
Billy Ray Karnafexx5
Cletus Ganderfald5
Ford Prefect5


Those who were stripped of a ring

DuelistForfeitsRing(s) Stripped
Ulath Fici27th, 8th
Zen Rising24th, 9th
Total Forfeits22N/A


Those who retired a ring

DuelistRetiresRing(s) Retired
Cassius Maximius32nd, 8th, 9th*
Cletus Ganderfald39th, 9th*, 13th*
Daegarth Mithmellon29th*, 11th
Daelin Dragonsblade27th, 11th*
Damien Mortis26th, 10th
Gunthar O'Dwyer25th, 13th
Harris D'Artainian25th, 7th
Jesse Troyan24th(2)
Sartan25th, 9th
Zen Rising24th*, 4th
Total Retirements52N/A
* denotes retirements due to the Baron ascending to the rank of Overlord


Champions of Baronial Rings
Those voted by the Council to champion a vacant ring

DuelistVictoriesRing(s) defended
AJ Bird32nd, 11th(2)
Galin Taelca27th, 9th
Adeena Maex19th
Cassius Maximius16th
G'nort Dragoon Talandor14th
Karen Wilder112th
Magnus Eques113th
Unagi Miyamoto14th


Baronial victories against Overlord intercessions
Barons who have stopped an Overlord Intercession

Cletus Ganderfald2
Ford Prefect1
Gimzak Stonecutter1
Huma Dragonbane1
Karen Wilder1


The Test
Victories on behalf of the Overlord in Tests of Worthiness

Billy Ray Karnafexx5
Jeff Oakenshield3
Avery Shiv Blade1
Cassius Maximius1
Drey Starke1
Ellisa Morgan1
Gunthar O'Dwyer1
Sloth Shaman1