The Triple Crown

Every sport has their ultimate title. In the Duel of Magic, casters strive to win the Archmage Tournament of challenge to be granted the right to challenge the Archmage. Only through a successful challenge can a magic user be bestowed the ultimate title of Archmage.

In the Duel of Fists, a brawler must survive against countless others in the ultimate tournament, the Diamond Quest. The winner of the DQ retains the highest ranking in the Duel of Fists, the Diamond, for one entire cycle.

In the Duel of Swords, a duelist may become the Overlord by directly challenging the current holder of the title. This challenge may only be done from a Warlord or a Baron rank.

Throughout the history of the dueling community, there have only been a select few who have defied all odds and achieved these paramount ranks in all three sports.

The first to accomplish this feat was Eros Hunrai Marzanhe DeBurgo. Eros was the tenth Diamond in the Duel of Fists. He was also the twenty-ninth Overlord of the Duel of Swords. It was a title he earned by defeating the greatest Overlord in Duel of Swords history, Dalamar Ar'Daumon. Eros retained the title of Overlord from January 29th, 1999 until March 19th, 1999. Eros also became the Duel of Magic's Archmage on May 3rd, 1999.

Following Eros, Condextint "Dexter" Montoya was the second duelist to claim the Triple Crown. Dexter was the fifteen Diamond of the Outback. He was also the 31st Overlord of the Duel of Swords. Dexter earned the Overlord title by defeating the same man who had defeated Eros. Dexter reigned from April 2nd, 1999 until May 10th, 1999. No exact date is known as to when Dexter became DoM's Archmage, however, it is recorded that he lost the title on November 17th, 1997. Tragically, Dexter lost his life on January 4th, 2000 by an assailant who to this day remains unknown.

Avery Shiv Blade earned his place among the Triple Crown winners shortly after. Avery was the Eighteenth and Twenty-first Diamond of the Outback. He was also the thirty-eighth Overlord of the Duel of Swords. He held that rank from October 13th, 1999 until May 29th, 2000. Avery was declared the Archmage of Twighlight Island on March 6th, 2000. When Avery was victorious in the eighteenth Diamond Quest, he became the only one of the three to hold the titles of Archmage, Overlord, and Diamond at the same time. In view of this accomplishment, Avery dubbed himself the "Diarchlord."

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