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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:33 pm    Post subject: MEGA BRAWL RESULTS! Reply with quote

Date: 11/25/2003 4:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: DUEL Kheldar


Sunday November 24th, the fourth ever MegaBrawl was fought.  Fourteen fighters showed up for the event.  As there were uneven numbers, the first six duelers registered, were entered into the main event, while the other eight duked it out for the final four spots.  Max, Kip, Dizzy, Chaz, Cas and Xerzes were the lucky ones to earn the byes.  Matched up were Chris and Goon, Tical and Pslyder, Kaja and Jake, and Angel and Xeric.  Angel, Chrias, Psly and Jake all advanced after hard fought bouts.  Soon it was time for the main event.

It started out fast and furious, and not well for the newest combatant, Kip as he took a beating in the first, third and finally the fourth round where he was ejected by a spinkick from Angel, one of her four KO's for the night. Max was the next victim, ejected by Chaz in the 6th.  And Chris Graziano, whom seemed to be slightly injured in the elimination bout with our very own Goon, followed in the 7th as Cassius' spinkick tallied him his first knock out. 

The remaining three combatants duked it out for the next four rounds without anyone going over the top.  Xerzes took the brunt of the beating during that round, capped off by him being attacked by the majority of the combatants, finally ejected by Jake, first of the Orcs two eliminations.  Dizzy, whom had been running on fumes, was the next victim of the mob.  But she didn't go down without a fight.  She got good wacks in on both Angel, and Jake (two of her nine clean hits) before a Cassius hook sent her overboard, leaving the combatants numbering five and all fairly battered and bruised at that point. 

The next exchange was well spread out, with everyone but the Roman getting beat on, but the 15th round was All Psly, as he took severial hits before being eliminated by Angel.  Two rounds later Chaz followed as Jake tossed her out of the ring and into a still downed Pslyder, and we were down to the final three.  Perhaps realizing that they were outsized by the half-Orc, both Angel and Cas attacked Jake.  Cas' spinkick got him a face full of Orc boot, but Jakes attempted Jab was caught by Angel and somehow she tossed him over the top.  After 18 rounds, the last two fighters, coincidently both immortals, squared off. 

Cas moved in with a strong jumpkick, only to be denied by a swift jab of Angels.  His follow up snapkicks was turned aside by a swift block from the redhead, and an offbalanced jab was his demise as Angel grabbed ahold and tipped him over the ropes to become the winner of the fourth ever Mega Brawl, and the newest holder of Pathfinder!

For those interested in the stats, Angel had 4 ejections, Cas and Jake both had 2 and Chaz had the only other ejection.  Review of the tape shows Jake the leading bruise giver with 19 successfull hits, while Kip averaged the most per round. (1 1/3). 

Congratulations and thanks to all who attended. 
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