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Black Tie

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 1:00 pm    Post subject: Black Tie Reply with quote

Date: 2/23/2004 3:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: LisanaMTiralis

Black Tie
By Lisana and Pslyder

Felicia stepped out of the office building. Locking the door. It was seven thirty, Pslyder would be showing up any moment. The evening was going to be a long night of meeting the right people. Showing them that they had picked the right man for the contract. The black stretch limo pulled up next to the curb.

   Felicia's wardrobe for the night was elegant and feminine without losing the professional look, that she had always prided herself on. The gown was silk, held up by the high choker collar around her neck, completely backless. A deep forest green in color. A lace sash of sea green color wrapped high around her hips and left to dangle down the right of the dress. Slit to the knee on one side to give ease of movement. The silk was made to enhance the natural curves of her body, while at the same time falling freely around her body. The gown reached the floor barely letting the toes of strappy heeled feet peek out with each step. The heels a matching forest green. A small hunter green handbag only big enough to allow for the carrying of some money, her phone, lipstick and keys held in her right hand. A simple gold bracelet on her left wrist to accentuate the length of her arms. Simple emerald tear drop earrings adorning each ear. Fire engine red hair was left to fall just past her shoulders in beautiful ringlet curls and around her face. Her makeup was simple. Pale green eyes lined by a soft green eye pencil. A simple soft jade glitter shadow on the lower lid with a softer beige on the upper lid. Just a hint of color at her cheekbones and a soft pink gloss on her lips.

   He was en route, fresh from the barbers with a trim and a quick shave, decked out in a tux, but not the one she'd sent.  He preferred his own.  Having been tailored to him, it was a much better fit and cut.  Besides, the fact that it had a layer of balistic cloth didn't hurt.  He'd gone for elegance and style over flash in his mode of transportation, selecting a bike he'd almost made custom for just this occasion.  It matched the colors of the tux perfectly, black and sky blue, with sleek lines and quiet grace.  Not as fast as the rest of his selection, but it definitely had style.  He'd gone for the eye tint to match the bike and cummerbund, but couldn't get over the fact that he was going to a big fancy party, and he'd be the main topic of discussion.  Attention.  Feh.  He pulled up behind the limo, pausing just a moment before opening the canopy so he could look at her in relative peace.  Then, with a sigh, he popped the top on the bike, and stepped out, unable to stop a smirk as he struck a slight pose, his unfettered hair artfully flowing over his shoulders as he took up a rakish lean against the bike.  He smiled at her, eyes full of mischief.  "Evenin', Miz O'Connell," he drawled.

   "It's Felicia, Pslyder, or would you rather I called you Frederick Thomas Alexander?" A slight smirk of her own on her lips as she moved to get a closer look at him. She wasn't hiding the fact that she was checking him out in his tux. Nodding a bit as the smirk slipped into a smile. She waved a hand towards the limo. " You look very very nice. Shall we?" There was a slight turn, a flash of leg through the knee high slit in silk as she headed for the limo, the driver opening the door and holding it for both of them. "Unless of course your afraid to ride in such a confined space with little old me." She'd noticed the way he'd acted around her. The fact that he had asked her to go 'away' after he'd eaten the energy bar. It was refreshing and at the same time highly amusing for her.

   He chuckled.  "Felicia it is, then.  An' as fer ridin' in a confined space, Ah ain't got any problems if'n you don'."  If she'd noticed the difference in the tuxes, she wasn't showing it.  That suited him just fine.  It never hurt to be careful, even in Rhy'din.  He slipped in behind her, nodding to the driver as the door closed after him.  "So, where we doin' this here shindig?"  He smoothed the creases in his pants, then glanced over at her.  He really wanted a cigarette, but didn't think she'd approve, especially in the confines of the limo.  He kept his mind occupied by calling up various schematics and running over some improvements before sending them back to his mainframe at the garage.  The small autofactory there would impliment any changes without him having to be there.  "An' whaht exactly am Ah supposed ta do fer one'a these thangs?  This' all kinda new fer me, y'scan?"  He grinned at her again, keeping his eyes level with hers.  He couldn't resist saving that image in his headware memory for later.

   Felicia slid into the limo, silk was arranged as one leg crossed over the other. Settling back. At least the seats were warm from the heater having been run. A hand lifting to brush fire engine red ringlets back over her shoulder. Pale green gaze was directed at him as he slipped in behind her. "The board of directors and President of  Enin Company are holding the event at the Plaza Hotel in the West Banquet hall. It's large enough for the event and still has room for the small band and dance floor. Investors and others will be there. They hold a meeting like this every quarter and it's used to give everyone involved a chance to meet new talent, find talent. It's an invitation only event so you don't have to worry about anyone you know showing up." She leaned forward then, opening the small bar in the corner. A nod to the driver as he found his way back into the drivers seat. The limo pulled smoothly away from the curb. Heading towards the hotel at a safe speed. Felicia poured herself a tumbler of scotch, putting a single cube of ice in the glass before she settled back into her seat. Taking a slow sip. " Don't worry. You will be introduced to the company President and the board of directors. When we arrive. Then we will sit down to a nice dinner. After which is dessert and drinks. Then it's simply about being seen there. Interact with people. They will probably ask you questions about League Dueling, being on a team, things like that. Nothing to hard for you to answer. If they ask your opinion on the energy bars, give them the truth. If you feel yourself floundering just find me and twitch your nose. I'll come save you. Most of all, relax and try to be yourself. To an extent." She gave him a look that clearly said, "No taking any women into the bathroom and playing sex god with them."

   He chuckled at all of that.  "Ah gots a better idea.  If'n Ah need ya, Ah'll call ya."  He handed her a small earpiece.  It was just small enough to slip inside her ear without interfering with her hearing.  "R'member, Ah've got mah phone at all times.  An' don' worry 'bout nobody hearin' whaht Ah'm tellin' ya over thaht thang.  I's a leftover from mah old ways.  An' don' worry, Ah'll behave."  He snickered at that last one.  He actually did have every intention to be on his best behavior.  But as anyone knows, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  He set himself up with a scotch, neat, and took a slow sip, savoring the taste.  "Nice vintage."  He grinned at her again.  "Now, any idea whaht's on tha menu fer this ev'nin'?"  He made a mental note to try to clean up his drawl a bit.  It just wouldn't do to seem like a backwoods guppy in what he assumed was going to be a rather large shark tank.  Crossing his legs, he rested his ankle on his knee and laid back in the seat, enjoying the ride.

   She arched a brow at the small earpiece. Her brain whirring over the possibilities for her own downfall with her being the only one that could hear him. Perhaps a glimpse of that showed in those pale green eyes as she looked at him and nodded. Slipping it into place now that way she wouldn't forget to do it after they got there.  His question about the menu brought a smile to her lips. " Sushi. For dessert black bottom torte. And for you unfortunately sampling an energy bar for the President and the board." Giving him a long look over. She liked his choice of tuxes better. That one suited him more then the one she'd picked out for him. It had been a 'just in case' tux anyway. "I tried to get them to understand that you had all ready tried the product but they wouldn't give in. You are going to be asked to try it and then give them your honest opinion on what you think of the taste, the ingredients. Pretty much everything about it." She leaned back, closing her eyes as she sipped her drink. Letting the hectic pace of the day finally start to seep out of her. She didn't need to be wound tight during the entire party.

   "Great," he muttered, already thinking this was going to be trouble.  "Ah'll try t'. . .to keep myself in check."  He consciously corrected his accent.  It felt odd, but he could work with it.  "Ah just hope there's nothing with any pepper or coconut in it."  He couldn't get rid of all the twang, but he'd make do for now.  He looked out the window at the buildings passing by.  "This may be an odd question, but how's security go. . going to be?"  He'd have to get rid of that stumble, he thought.  He reached into his tux, taking out a small pair of blue tinted round glasses, and set them on his face so he could look over them.  He liked this particular look, and grinned to himself.  <Testing, testing, one, two. . .can you hear me alright, Felicia?>

   The voice in her ear got him a nod and a very soft "Mmhmm." A smile as she sipped down the last of her scotch. The limo pulling up to the entrance of the five star hotel. The driver slipped out and moved around. Opening the door for Pslyder and Felicia to exit the limo. Felicia waited for Pslyder to exit before she was sliding over that way. Taking the offered hand and slipping out. Silk falling to pool around her feet in elegant waves. Her arm slipped into the crook of Pslyder's offered arm and she discreetly guided him towards the Banquet hall. Just as discreetly slipping the invitation into his hand. It was after all, the seemly thing. The man was usually the one that presented the invitation at the Black Tie events around here. She would play by the testosterone driven rules when it suited her. The man at the door took the invitation from Pslyder and opened the doors for them. They were announced as they stepped in. An usher coming up to show them to the receiving line. Informing them that they would be escorted to their table by another after they had completed the receiving line. Felicia nodded politely and stood next to Pslyder. Giving him a comforting smile and a gentle pat to his arm. "Just relax…..say hello, shake their hands and it's done and over with."

   One by one they were led through the line. Mr. Edward Cahill, president of the company. "A pleasure to meet you Mr. Alex…" "It's just Pslyder" Felicia interrupted him quickly. "Ah well them pleasure to meet you Pslyder."

   Mr. Anthony Simmons, Vice-President of Accounting. "Pleasure to meet you Pslyder."

   Thomas O'Malley, Vice President in charge of Marketing. " Pleasure to finally meet the new talent Pslyder!"

   Dr. Naomi Phillips, Vice President of Research and Development. "Ah the heralded new hero of the energy bars. A pleasure I'm sure." She glanced at Felicia. "How did I  know you'd be his agent Ms. O'Connell." A slight chill in the way the Doctor treated them both.

   Terrance Mason, Vice President of Public Relations. " A pleasure as always Felicia, ravishing tonight as always….Ah, good to finally meet you Pslyder." There was a leer given to Felicia but she didn't seem phased by it. 

   He took each hand and made sure not to use his full strength on them.  A chorus of "Pleased to meet you"s was about all he could manage.  He kept up the time honored tradition of the smile and nod, inwardly hating this type of gathering.  Politics and social backstabbing virtually swirled around the room, and he was none too happy about it.  But he stood his ground, making his way through the morass of false merriment, the only sign of his discomfort a tightening of the muscles under the arm Felicia was holding and a steady stream of invectives in her earpiece.  <How tha frag can you stand alla this drek?  Spirits above!  T'be honest, m'dear, Ah wouldn't cart any'a these airheads off if'n ya paid me.>

   She kept the smile up. Yep just smile and nod, shake hands. She was glancing to the usher as they were led to a table just off to the left of the center table. It was still relatively unoccupied. She slid into her chair and then waited for him to settle into his chair. Leaning to speak quietly. The scent of lilacs surrounding him. " I didn't say that I liked all of this. It is part of the job Pslyder and I hope I don't fall under the classification of an airhead." A light wink at him as she stayed close. She had almost choked on nothing at all when the veritable stream of words came bursting into her ear. "It's part of the job, smile, shake hands, nod, try not to say anything insulting and we'll survive. It'll all be good." A gentle pat to his hand. Trying to get him to relax.

   <Airhead, you ain't.  Ah'd say you were more of a saint fer dealin' wit' alla this drek.>  He squeezed her hand slightly, and continued the polite routine.  As long as he could stay sane until after the dessert course, all would be good.  He kept the smile plastered on his face, taking notes of all the names and faces, matching them together in his memory so he wouldn't forget if he saw them again.  He made sure to do everything the opposite of his normal when the meal arrived.  At least he'd have some manners that way.  He kept up his idle chatter in Felicia's ear the whole time, the simple act of sharing his thoughts calming him somewhat.

   A soft chuckle at seemingly nothing. Well at least he was calmer. She kept her smile in place, answering questions when need be. All through dinner she was trying not to laugh or snort at some of his comments. Almost choking on her food twice. He was going to be the death of her. Making fun of some of the couples. The least he could do was wait till she swallowed her food! Giving him a look as she shifted in her chair. Downing half of her glass of white wine in a single gulp. This was definitely going to be a trying assignment. Not that she wasn't loving every minute of it all ready. It felt good to take on a contract instead of passing it off to one of the other agents in her firm. She ate more then most women would around a man on their first 'date.' She wasn't shy about her appetite and she hadn't eaten anything since lunch. She would lean over occassionaly and whisper just loud enough for him to hear her. Some comment or other about a guest or passing server. Just returning the favor of keeping him occupied and at ease while he ate.

   Once dinner was done, dessert was served up. She took a few small bites of the torte, she had never really been one for ice cream in this fashion. Didn't particularly like the taste of sherbert, give her some cookie dough ice cream though and she'd got at it like a starving kid. Pushing away the plate after a few bites, she took the coffee. Sipping at it slowly as she leaned back in her chair. Leaning towards him and pointing every now and then. Telling him who was who there and who to watch out for. Those that could help him and those that would do anything to destroy his career and further their own. They were in a sea of suck asses and pirahna's. It wasn't her favorite place to be either. Giving an occasional pat to his thigh every now and then in reassurance that she wouldn't just walk away and make him try to sink or swim on his own. She couldn't be that cruel to any of her clients. Though she'd much rather be oh at home in a bubble bath, or in front of the television watching some old black and white movie. Hell even at the dentist having teeth pulled was better then this. By the time she had finished her coffee folks were getting up and mingling. The band was playing and she was leading him off towards a corner. " I have to run to the ladies room Pslyder, you can hang around over here and hope they don't catch you before I come back out or you can go across the hall to the men's room. I won't be too long. I don't hang around to listen to the pit viper's gossip." She gave him a smile and headed towards a door tucked into an alcove.

   Felicia was rather quick where a woman was concerned. She was coming back out of the ladies room. Having taken care of everything, freshened her lip gloss and brushed her teeth. Odd as it might sound. Popping a breath mint into her mouth as she glanced around. Pale green gaze scanning quickly to find him.

   He'd been cornered, and was being asked to sample one of the bars in question.  <Ah'm over here, Felicia.  I's 'bout showtime fer these bars'a y'alls.>  He shot a glance her way, making a note to at least get her some way to be able to respond in kind.  He stuck another smile on his face, and took a bite of the bar.  Slightly exaggerated chewing, pleasant sounding noises and a hearty thumbs-up were all put up for the cameras and VIP's.  He finished the bite, then held it up as if for inspection.  "Chewy, but pleasantly so.  Good, hearty flavor, with just a hint'a nuts and berries.  All in all, Ah rate 'em as downright tasty."  <Ah sooo need a drink. . .>  He saw his opportunity and quickly situated himself by her again.  <M'dear, jus' say tha word an' we're blowin' this popsicle stand.  Ah don' think Ah c'n. . .>  He shuddered slightly, and paused as he felt the bar kicking in again.  <Gah. . .Ah cain't take too much more'a this.  Get us outta here, an' Ah promise.  Free massages fer a week an' a half.>  He didn't even notice his hand slipping to her back to "assist" her to the door.  He simply kept on smiling and nodding as he eased her through the crowd. <Please, Ah'm beggin' here.  Picture me down on mah knees fer this. . .>

   When she saw that he'd been cornered she just groaned. She had wanted to make sure there was a hasty exit available an excuse something. She met his gaze and gave the most imperceptible nod. Making her way over to him and with both of them moving it was easy to come side by side. She made the excuses. "We have an early day of planning to go over the essentials. And Pslyder has to train for the upcoming match he has tomorrow night. Please do excuse us." Waving over her shoulder as she felt his hand slipping around to her back and down. Ugh. Okay it's just the bars doing it to him. A soft chuckle at the words flowing constantly into her ear. She was waving down the limo. The driver opened the door and she was gently pushing him in before her. Muttering as she climbed in behind him. Settling across from him instead of beside him again. Moving and she was making him a mixed drink, filling a tall glass with an assortment of alcohol before she pushed it into his hands. "Drink that and by all means smoke, Pslyder." She hit the button to open the moon roof so that he could smoke and not have to worry about choking her with second hand smoke. She made herself a tall glass of scotch neat. Gulping down two or three drinks before she looked at him. "Better?"

   He made short work of the drink and lit himself one of his flavored cigarettes.  Inhaling deeply, he made sure to capture the smoke in a small ball.  One of those good side benefits of having that key, he thought.  "Ah. . .much better indeed. . .now t'jus' get m'head on straight again."  He was looking all around the inside of the limo, out the windows, everywhere, it seemed, but where she was sitting.  He was running on that high rev again, and really didn't think it would be a good idea to take any of the actions that kept on floating through his brain.  "Gah. . ." he murmured as he laid his head back on the seat, "Them bars'r gon' be tha end'a me yet. . ."  He finished off the cigarette quickly, flicking the butt up through the moon roof, watching it arc quietly behind the car.  When it disappeared from view, he closed his eyes and laid back further into the seat.  "Next time ya bring me ta one'a these thangs, make sure Ah'm loaded an' mah mouth's sewn shut."

   "Oh as if my brain could take any of that." There was a soft snort from her as she settled into her own side of the limo, legs up on the seat, staying out of his way. Sipping at her scotch as she tossed off the strappy heels. "All in all it went very well. I think they are satisfied. Job well done dear."
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