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Diamond Quest!!

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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2004 1:36 pm    Post subject: Diamond Quest!! Reply with quote

Date: 10/27/2001 10:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: HOST PCG Jinn

Welcome to the Results of the Diamond Quest!

Tonight as you may have known, the Diamond Quest took place leaving many people anxious and energetic as they strode into the Outback to take their place amongst the ranks of the challengers. Dizzy's reign as Diamond would either continue or be given over to the one who remained standing

Round One!

Shawn completely shuts out Xerzes for his first win, while Magnus and Tim take it to Sudden Death and it's Magnus that walks away with that first win.

Tarl came back to try his hand at winning the diamond and takes Janella who remained undefeated last DQ until Dizzy, down a notch. Dizzy was fighting Angelina to defend her title as the Diamond and walked away confident with one win under her belt.

AlItheDiamond def Xerzes M 5-0
Magnus High def Imitation Tim 5-4
Tarl Cab0t def Jaded Death 6-5
DzzyFlores def Angelina Darkling 5-3

Round Two!

Angel looked to get a shutout on Tim, but at the last minute he managed to gain himself one point to hang on to his pride, she still took the win and took Tim out totally.

Tarl takes out Shawn who was looking so promising from the first round, and walks away with his second win.

Xerzes who didn't have much luck in the first round was doing much better and takes Janella down for her second loss tonight! Quite a difference from the last DQ. Better luck next time Janella!

Dizzy tries her best, but Magnus takes her out for yet another win under his belt.

Tarl Cab0t def AlItheDiamonds 5-3
Xerzes M def Jaded Death 5-3
AngelinaDarkling def ImitationTim 5-1
Magnus High def DzzyFlores 5-4

And it's on to ...

Round 3!

With Tim and Janella out of the works, the dueling was getting down and dirty, of course all the hard fighting knocked Tim's spirit right out of his body and Jinnaiya had to run down to the Pit to gather up the body. While the tornado of spirit returning was going on, Tarl and Magnus were duking it out in Sudden Death, and Sudden Death the sequel mode, taking it to the wire in a nerve wracking display of who's going to the finals? Magnus hangs
in there though with a win over Tarl.

Dizzy takes her final stance as the Diamond against Xerzes, but is denied and defeated for her second loss.

Angel and Shawn were fighting for the right to continue and kept it close to the wire, pulling the sudden death the sequel themselves, but Shawn finally triumphed in the end, leaving Angel to watching from the sidelines.

Xerzes M def. DzzFlores, 5-3
Magnus High def TarlCab0t 6-5
AlItheDiamonds def. Angelina Darkling 6-5

Which leads us to..

Round 4!

Angelina and Dizzy had been eliminated in Round 3, so Xerzes and Shawn were now dueling to see who'd fight Tarl for the next round.

After a fierce battle, Xerzes walks away the victor with a chance to score the diamond still in hope.

Xerzes M def AlItheDiamonds 5-4

Round 5!

With Shawn out of the brackets, it was down to Tarl and Xerzes, trying to figure out who would go on to try and defeat Magnus twice.

Tarl bats Xerzes around steadily and makes a relatively quick deal of the duel to go on to challenge Magnus.

Tarl Cab0t def Xerzes M 5-2

Round 6!

Now it was Magnus' turn to defend himself against Tarl either twice, or defeat Tarl to take home the Diamond undefeated.. only time would tell.

... the whole room waited as Tarl and Magnus took it to Sudden Death! and finally Tarl knocked Magnus down to create a Sudden Death of matches. It was now down to who could pull out the win in this last match.

Tarl Cab0t def MagnusHigh 5-4


Magnus and Tarl fought up on Styx, carefully balancing the points back and forth like two men on a see saw.. well, at least Tarl was amused by the Big Tarl on the big screen, and kept laughing.

For as much laughing as the Drunken Master did though, he was pretty good looking with the Diamond for beating Magnus!

Score Final:

TarlCab0t def Magnus High 5-2

Congratulations Tarl Cabot for your fine duelmanship and may you reign as a good Diamond!
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