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DQ Results!

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:31 pm    Post subject: DQ Results! Reply with quote

Date: 11/3/2003 10:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: DUEL Gem e Ni

Diamond Quest XXXV saw many of the long-time legends of the Outback return for the first time in many seasons, the competition featured such names as Matthew Simon- four-time and current reigning diamond, Alexandria Wells- former diamond, Harris D'Artanian- former diamond, and Tareth Thorn- perpetual opal holder.  Joining them were current opal holders Anubis Karos and Gork, and long-time duelists Ticallion Carter, Tim Enralyte, Grayson MacLeod and Chris Graziano.  Though the elf Pslyder was present beforehand, he disappeared before the proceedings began and only returned well into the second round. 

The evening was set for a monumental battle on all fronts, with personal grudges and high ambitions flaring.  Tareth had his sights set on obtaining the diamond, to be the first duelist in Outback history to have held every title.  Matt was seeking the coveted fifth diamond reign to put him well above the prevoius holder of the Diamond Record, Imp, who only held it three times.  Only one would walk away with the stone, and it may not even be one with the highest-burning hopes. 

Round one saw most of the matches paired up with old and strong rivalries, this was the round to tell all.  Tareth, the man whom the diamond had evaded countless times, got to face the four-time returning diamond Matthew Simon.  Anubis and Ria had to put their bad blood aside (or did they?) to step into a ring, and Tical and Harris, who in the past had been at odds on certain Sticky issues had to duke it out for the chance to advance or be put in an early hole. 

Those without real grudges finished first, Grayson put Tim into the losers' bracket in only eight rounds, beating him down 5-3.  Chris finished Gork shortly after, 5-2.  Tareth overcame the night's favorite duelist in a convincing 5-2 show, and Anubis triumphed over Ria 5-3.  Tical and Harris took a while, reaching sudden death long after all the others had finished.  Though Harris looked like he might pull out with a win, faking Tical with a sideways juke, Tic finally dropped him for a stunning 5-4 finish.  The first round was over and the crowd was already beat. 

Winners bracket: Grayson, Chris, Tareth, Anubis, Tical
Losers bracket:  Ria, Harris, Tim, Gork, Matt

The duelists were sent back to the rings for the second round without much of a break, this was to be endurance fighting tonight.  Tareth had the strongest showing of the round, taking Chris down 4-0 in five rounds and trading in the sixth to take it home 5-1.  Grayson had a little more trouble with Ria, but with a few painful trades he put her away permanently 5-3.   Harris was next to finish, taking Gork out of the competition with another close 5-4 victory.  Tical managed to pull out of another sudden death situation, dropping Anubis to the losers' bracket 5-4.  After a lot of posturing, Tim and Matt also made it to a nail-biting sudden death, where the loser would take a walk.  Tim ended up wallking in a narrow victory for the defending diamond, 5-4. 

Winners bracket: Tareth, Tical, Grayson
Losers bracket: Anubis, Chris, Harris, Matt
Eliminated:  Tim, Ria, Gork

Chris Graziano pulled out of the quest at this point due to injury, giving Anubis the go-ahead to duel Grayson.  The break was cut short again as the duelists were thrown back into the fray, each hanging on to slim chances.  Anubis came out strong in this round, going 5-1 in a scant 6 exchanges to drag Grayson down to the losers' bracket, leaving only the winner of the Tical/Tareth match undefeated for the night and in grand position to stake claim on the coveted title.  Tical put up a valiant fight in the beginning, taking the first point and keeping it close from there, but in the end Tareth endured to sit alone atop the winners' bracket, winning 5-3.  Matt wasn't far behind, putting Harris' chance at the diamond in an early grave with a 5-2 victory. 

Winners bracket: Tareth
Losers bracket: Anubis, Matt, Grayson, Tical
Eliminated: Harris, Chris

Slim chances became slimmer as the defending diamond hoped to claw his way back to the top and once again challenge the person who put him into the losers' bracket in the first place, his shot at five titles still in grasping range.  Grayson and Tical also struggled for the chance to face Tareth, the man just waiting for someone to emerge and finish the evening.  Both duels would be furiously competitve, each duelist pendulating between leading and trailing.  Tical would finish Grayson first, trading legsweeps to end it 5-4.  Matt would eventually fall behind and finally drop (or in this case, be thrown) from the tournament by Anubis, 5-2. 

Winners bracket: Tareth
Losers bracket: Anubis, Tical
Eliminated: Grayson, Matt

The dark-skinned warriors would face off in a fierce and painful battle, but fate was not on Tical's side.  He wouldn't score a single point, felled by the Egyptian 5-0 in 6 rounds.  Injured by the slaver, Tical would only laugh at the end, mocking Anubis, "Have fun
tryin' ta get past Tareth," who had put him into the losers' bracket earlier that night. 

The stage was set for the final battle now as Tareth confronted the Egyptian.  What would follow was a fierce battle, both in words and actions, where Tareth would land two blows before trading for the third.  Venomous words aside, each would score a point in the two following rounds, putting Anubis in a tricky position.   In a spectacular show, the two combatants traded sharp jabs to finish the match, but only Tareth would remain standing. 

Tareth Thorn claims the diamond for the first time in his dueling career, well done Tareth!  Good fighting everyone, look for the next quest to be as full of surprise and drama when Matt comes back seeking that elusive fifth reign, Anubis looks for a little retribution, Chris and Pslyder come back to find out what could have been, and Tareth tries to defend the title.  Who knows what else could pop up by then?  The only way to find out is to be there. 

Our extra-special thanks go out to Lisana for officiating the night's events. 
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