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MoonBeryl..ye gods this is late...

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:34 pm    Post subject: MoonBeryl..ye gods this is late... Reply with quote

Date: 12/2/2003 1:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: DUEL Roman

So..about..oh, a month ago, I was just minding my own business at my shift, when Pslyder and Harris came in at the same time. They wanted to duel, and Harris challenged Pslyder for Moonberyl. Pslyder suggested they do it right here, right now...a spontaneous man he is. Harris is many things(not all of them flattering) but spontaneous is definitely one, so he agreed.

After going through the proper channels, I approved it. Then I sent them to the Pit for the entire time. So here's how it went:

Duel 1: A quick jab got Harris on the board. That was the first and last time in that duel that the lights would change on the Emerald's side. Harris proceeded to ape Pslyder's moves from each round, one of those quirky Harris matters, kind of like placing your ring in a bag full of look-alikes, or burying ShadoWeaver in a watermelon, or dating Stick. Pslyder caught on quick, and scored in every round from the second to the sixth, even finishing it off with a spinkick with flair.

Duel 2: Harris quickly proves that he belongs in a challenge ring. The cyberelf got a taste of his own spinning medicine to start. After skillful defense did nothing for him, Pslyder got on the board by trading punches. After that, Harris got back to dominating. Pslyder's next point came from another set of traded punches; unfortunately for him, Harris was on his fourth point coming into that trade, and the challenge was even.

Duel 3: Both men had completely controlled their respective previous win, so it's natural that the final duel would be more even. Pslyder starts off with risky offense that doesn't pay off, but stout defense does pay off for the defender in the next round. Harris scored in the next two rounds, while the next three rounds after that saw Pslyder first feint away for an advantage, then effectively clobber Harris to tie the duel at 3 all. Much to Pslyder's chagrin, however, the seesaw went back in Harris's favor, as he scored in the final two rounds to claim Moonberyl.

Duel 1

Harris          Pslyder
1)Jab           Uppercut  1-0 Harris
2)Uppercut   Sweep      1 all
3)Sweep      Jab           2-1 Pslyder
4)Jab          Flip           3-1 Pslyder
5)Flip         Fancy Snapkick 4-1 Pslyder
6)Fancy Snapkick   Fancy Leap  5-1 Pslyder

Duel 2

1)Fancy Spinkick         Fancy Dodge    1-0 Harris
2)Sweep                      Fancy Armblock 2-0 Harris
3)Snapkick                  Feint Dodge       2-0 Harris
4)Jab                          Jab                    3-1 Harris
5)Jumpkick                 Feint Legblock    3+-1 Harris
6)Fancy Spinkick        Fancy Dodge      4-1 Harris
7)Jab                         Jab                    5-2 Harris

Duel 3

1)Fancy Dodge           Uppercut          1-0 Harris
2)Fancy Legblock       Chop                1 all
3)Fancy Dodge           Jumpkick         2-1 Harris
4)Sweep                    Fancy Duck      3-1 Harris
5)Feint Legblock        Jab                  3-+1 Harris
6)Fancy Leap            Jumpkick         3-2 Harris
7)Snapkick                Chop              3 all
8)Jab                         Sweep           4-3 Harris
9)Chop                      Fancy Snapkick  5-3 Harris               

Cassius Gaius Maximius
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