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Serenity (Mur)

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:40 pm    Post subject: Serenity (Mur) Reply with quote

Date: 12/20/2003 4:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Mur the Sage

           Mur awoke early Friday morning to the sounds of the birds atop the aerie of the palace tower he shared with Kat. He got half-dressed on his way to the window, squinting violently at the morning rays.  Swooning against the side of the window, he perked at a noise at the rear of the room.  Kat was coming through the bedroom door, rushing him and embracing him in a quick kiss while pulling him back onto the bed.     
      "You're up early!" she exclaimed after releasing him.
      "Sometimes. Mmm," he responded hazily.
      "Ready for our day?" she whispered in his ear. Mur twitched in response, a grimace as he tried to understand why she would drag him along this morning.
      "You know I can't stand those things. So what does the queen have planned today?" said Mur who never used that title except in mockery.
      "A picnic for two on the balcony outside the great room," she whispered into his ear.
      "Nah. Can't make it," he said jokingly while holding onto a serious expression.
      "What!?" Kat replied quickly. Her response was met with a continuum of chuckling as Mur flopped about, finally dangling off the side of the bed.
      "Sort of. Well, I gotta pick up that gem...," Mur's voice trailed off and his eyes kind of glazed over.
      "Right. I remember now," Kat quickly flashed a pouty look at him as she spoke.
      "An hour? Maybe I can..." Mur said before she interrupted.
      "I'll be waiting for you there at 10 o'clock," Kat replied sternly with a smile. "That's enough time, isn't it? If not, you can just travel faster," she chirped at him while dancing towards the door. "One hour, I'll be waiting there after I finish up wi...," her voice trailed off as she walked down the hallway.
      "No, I'll be waiting there," Mur chirped to himself, mocking her earlier change of tone. She had miscalculated the difference in time enough that he figured he could get to Rhydin and back and still have fifteen minutes to ready some sort of Mur-ish surprise. For a moment he reflected on how lucky he was to have found her, and how unbearable life would be without her. His thoughts turned to Pathfinder and the knowledge that he would be more bearable to her with it, he commenced his journey.
      He jolted to the window, leaping out of it. His frozen mid-air form seemed symbolic of the day still to come, his arms spread out as if he were embracing the sun itself while bursting from some sort of imprisonment. Gravity took hold of him, and he was shooting towards the ground with his hands stuck to his thighs. He created the astral portal on the ground just in time to drop through and begin his journey. It was his traditional way of leaving Sektor, as he figured it great for making quick exits when Kat turned her back. This time however, he was on a clock.
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Joined: 16 Feb 2004
Posts: 2684

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Date: 12/20/2003 5:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Mur the Sage

           The portal opened in the Outback, and Mur dropped to the floor. Landing with a thud, he slowly brought himself to his feet. Entering the office, he retreived the opal and headed back out.
      For a moment he stood there in the Outback with the gem in hand, his eyes slowing sweeping across the room. Nothing was different. Yet, everything had changed.  This was a unique experience for Mur, and he thought about it for a moment.
      Had this been what he had been searching for all those years? The gem did not seem to be the magical panacea he had wandered through space and time to find.  It was just a rock. A green one. There was no epiphany, no brilliant metamorphesis into calm sanity. Yet in that instant he knew he had found the serenity he sought. 
      In the small amount of time that he took retreiving it up the point in which he stopped for that moment, he had slowly been restored to scarcely remembered sanity.  Everything seemed unbearably...normal. He smiled softly, taking in the experience before remembering his plans with Kat. Leaping straight up into the same portal as before, he embarked on his journey back to Sektor.
      A horizontal haze appeared on one of the palace balconies and Mur stepped on through. His eyes darted around a bit before finding the favored balcony.  Leaping from one to the next, he alighted softly on the large great room balcony.  It was one of the highest, and offered a better view in Mur's opinion.  The view was not of the city surrounding the palace, but of the countryside. It was impossibly beautiful and serene. 
      The scene needed more shade. Mur slowly pushed a hand through the air, stretching the stone balcony above so that it lent greater shade.  A wave of that hand produced a line of various fruits and candies along with a light meal and wine atop the table standing in the middle.  Mur frowned at the few potted plants along the edge of the balcony.
      He grinned slightly as he reshaped the pots so they lined the entire edge of the balcony. He figured that he might as well draw on the opal for its other qualities and the plant grew slowly into the air.  The plants writhed as they grew, forming a heart-shaped canopy over the balcony.  Mur laughed quietly, clapping his hands together softly in glee.
      He went silent when he heard what had to be Kat coming towards the balcony door. Draping himself against the wall of the palace stealthily, he waited. And waited. After what seemed like an hour Kat pushed through the door, her attention on the new surroundings.
      Mur attempted a tackle, but she was quick. Dodged and thrown against the table, Mur was restrained and kissed repeatedly before he could do anything.
      "Did you do all this for me?" Kat forced out between kisses.
      "Ahuh. Pretties. For you," Mur replied after she relaxed. "I..," Mur was cut off with another kiss before he continued. "I hope you like it, I didn't have much time," he said quietly.
      "No, I love it," Kat said as she curled up atop him.
      "Strawberry!" Mur said happily as he pulled one out from a nearby bowl. All of his attention seemingly shifted to the feeding of the strawberry and the quiet scene.
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