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To Make It Hot

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2004 12:52 pm    Post subject: To Make It Hot Reply with quote

Date: 1/9/2004 11:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Koyliak

      "Why do we have to walk there?  There are taxis, you know," Tula whined as she trudged her way through the snow, her arms laden with garment bags.  Koy had hired the lanky teen as her assistant to help her around the Boutique, but more as a favor to the girl's mother, a customer of Koy's who was desperate to have Tula learn some kind of work ethic. 
      "It's not tha far and ye could use the fresh air, 'stead of sittin 'round like a sack of potatoes.  Besides, back where I come from we don't even have yer maxi or whaever it is, and we're plenty fine without 'em."

      Koy carried her own bundle of clothing and props necessary for the photo shoot, only looking over her shoulder at Tula when she heard the girl giggling.  "Wha?"
      Mustering some control over herself, Tula shook her blond braid back and forth, another laugh escaping her, "Nothing Koy, but it's taxi," emphasizing the "T" sound, "not maxi."
      Her body beginning to go numb despite the layers upon layers of clothing she had on, Koy did not care for such trivialities.  She continued her way to the address Harris had given her, leaving Tula to hurry and catch up.  "C'mon now, by the time ye quit yer whinin we'll be there.  Don't let those bags drag in the snow."

      Readjusting the slipping bags, Tula ran to keep up with Koy's quick pace, unable to remain quiet for more than ten seconds.  "I still can't believe you're doing this, my mom would kill me if I posed for a calendar!"

      "Well tha's because yer a young girl and men shouldn't be hangin up pictures of someone yer age ta ogle.  And it's not like I'm posin nude, it's all clothin from the shop."

      "But you've got lingerie from your Celestial line!" An out of breath Tula protested.

      "Yes, because tha's one of our biggest sellin lines.  When guys see how good the clothin looks on someone, don't ye think they're gonna rush ta the shop ta buy it fer the women in their lives?  Think of all the free advertisin we're gettin on top of my cut fer doin double-duty as wardrobe and model.  This is business."

      Koy said the last sentence more for herself than for Tula.  Although they had decided to agree to disagree, Koy still felt annoyed at Harris.  She had admitted she was wrong about trying to intervene in his busines with Dom, but she wished he could have at least understood why she acted the way she did.  His inability to see her side at all had incensed her, especially considering that meant he could think that she would want him harmed.  If he believed her lack of faith in his judgement at the time disrespected their friendship, she felt he was doing the same by not realizing her motives only came from concern for his welfare, misguided or not.

      However, they had a contract and if anything else, Koy was an upstanding business woman.  Koy stopped short in front of one building causing Tula to work overtime to avoid crashing into her.  Oblivious to this, Koy checked the address with the one on the building, tilting her head towards it.  "This is the place.  Let's get inside before we become ice fer someone's drink."

      "You don't need to tell me twice," said Tula as she rushed past Koy, swinging the door wide open and bustling inside, bringing some of the snow with her.

      "I've never seen ye move so quickly," Koy laughed as she stepped through the door behind her, laughing even more as Tula scowled.  Finding a rack to hang the garment bags on, Koy removed her hood, having tried her best to protect her hair from the elements.  The last thing she wanted was to make Kaja's job any more difficult than it would be. 

      Not in the mood for searching, Koy's voice echoed through the place as she called out: "Wha kinda operation is this?  Anybody workin 'round here?"

My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight.
- Robert Frost 
*Owner of The Heavenly Boutique*
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