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ArchMage Tournament Final Results

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:36 pm    Post subject: ArchMage Tournament Final Results Reply with quote

Date: 3/6/01 12:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: HOST DFC Arane

Soon after the tournament, the sound of hammers could be heard all around RhyDin as a group of children began tacking up a heavy sheet of light blue paper through out the town. By the early hours of Tuesday morning, the group of children, happy with their pocket full of coins for the job, had run out of the light blue
posters and skipped off to spend their earnings at the local toy stores, which were just now opening for the day.
There were not many places one could go in town, where one of those blue sheets couldn't be seen flapping in the light morning breeze on a nearby fence, building, post, or sign. The announcement could also be found on the Island itself and the door leading to the portal in the Inn. Upon closer inspection, the blue sheet read:

The Duel of Magic ArchMage Tournament Results

On the night of March fifth at eight o'clock in the evening, the wookie, Face (also known as Unicorn) and the reigning ArchMage, William "Big Willy" Wulfson, met in the Circle of Genesis for a Best of Three match for the combined title of ArchMage and Celestial Keeper. In Lady Mystik
Silverhand's absence, the series was officiated by Charlotte Ann Jericho.

In the first match of the night, Face defeated ArchMage Wulfson 5.5 to 4.5 in fourteen rounds of extremely close dueling.

The second match proceeded as follows:

Round 1: Mind whips were sent snapping forth from both Unicorn and Big Willy. Unfortunately the spells got neither dueler any points.
Round 2: Unicorn was stopped from turning into ghostform from a burst of flames from Big Willy, gaining Big Willy an advantage. 0.5-0, Big Willy.
Round 3: Unicorn's mage bolt brought the score back in his favor by striking in spite of Big Willy's mind whip. Score was 1-0.5, Unicorn.
The match had to be briefly stopped before the fourth round due to Face's minion, Baik, hunting the serving goblins. Mrs. Jericho halted the match until Face could bring his servant under control or force him off the Island since this behavior cannot be tolerated. After several moments, Face was able to bring Baik under control and the match proceeded.
Round 4: Unicorn's fear touch ended Big Willy's arctic blast and garnered Unicorn an advantage. 1.5-0.5, Unicorn.
Round 5: Unicorn teleported a short distance away from his original spot and gained the advantage as Big Willy's wizard blades went zipping through empty air. 2-0.5, Unicorn.
Round 6: Unicorn's mind whip halted the brewing immolation from Big Willy and brought him in another advantage. 2.5-0.5, Unicorn.
Round 7: Big Willy fought back with a fear touch, gaining himself a point over Unicorn's mage bolt. 2.5-1.5, Unicorn.
Round 8: Unicorn's searing immolation burned straight through Big Willy's arctic blast. Score is 3.5-1.5, Unicorn
Round 9: Unicorn protected himself with a shield to keep out Big Willy's foul fog. 4-1.5, Unicorn.
Round 10: This round was another of the very few scoreless rounds of the night. Dual mind whips gained neither dueler any points. Score is still 4-1.5, Unicorn.
Round 11: The flames from Unicorn's immolation could not be stopped by anything, not even Big Willy's mage bolt, giving us a new ArchMage. ArchMage Unicorn!

Unfortunately, the match's ending was marred by another incident in which Face's apprentice began causing problems. This time, Baik turned his gorish behavior onto the caller. Again, Face was ordered to make his student back off and with some laughter, Face ordered him to do so. The behavior was in great contrast
to the class and dignity in which William Wulfson conducted himself with, congratulating the new ArchMage before leaving the Island.

Therefore, on March 5, 2001, the title of ArchMage of the Duel of Magic, Celestial Keeper, and Master of the Citadel of the Stars passed from William Wulfson to Face. Congratulations to Face who, after two long nights of soundly defeating the top mages that the Island has to offer, now holds the most coveted
position in Duel of Magic!

As officiated by:
Charlotte Ann Jericho
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